Great Reasons for hospitals to deploy Indoor positioning systems

IOT solutions, digital twins in healthcare

Surgical Workflow Tracking

  • Track medical rounds and staff locations easily
  • Ensure staff availability during emergencies
  • Measure time taken to complete procedures

RTLS in hospitals. for Our solutions can best be suited for wireless Asset Tracking, Patient Flow Management, Medical Equipment Monitoring Clinical Workflow Automation

Housekeeping Management

  • Ensure that staff visits areas to be cleaned 
  • Improve hygiene and patient safety
  • Preventive maintenance tracking

Operation theater surgical workflow measurement matrices

Deploying indoor positioning systems – How long did it take to complete the broken arm procedure in the orthopedic surgery department? Where are the operation theatre nurses located? Who cleaned the theatre room today? Where are the nursing interns posted today? Have we done the NABH related inspection today? Where are the new wheelchairs deployed and who are the assigned attendants? Does the pharmacy dispense medicines on time? How many biomedical engineers are working today? 

We have a few medical emergencies today and need to locate key staff. How much are the waiting times for outpatients since the registration process? What is the air quality inside Operation Theater 2? Questions for which ready answers are not available without manual records and time-consuming number crunching. Our RTLS-enabled IoT solutions in healthcare could be of immense help in improving patient safety, and patient experience, measuring patient wait times.

Patient experience – The patients wait times at the registration counter, how crowded is the place, who are the accompanying paramedical staff, the navigational aspects of moving around the hospital etc.

Nursing department perspective – it is about monitoring the availability of key resources at nursing stations, causality, operation theater, attendance monitoring, ensuring medical rounds, compliance and safety aspects, contact tracing in case of suspected cases of Covid 19, etc.

Maintenance – Preventive maintenance is a key activity for the team to ensure that high-value equipment is maintained regularly and their availability ensured. From wheelchairs to elevators to gensets, portable medical devices, etc. 

Compliance – JCI, and NABH had other accreditations that have norms on indoor air quality, physical distances, key man safety, inspections, etc that are part of the audit purpose with indoor navigation.

Workflow tracking – How to improve patient experience – Ensuring surgical and operation theatre teamwork. Being at the right place at the right time. Measuring work effectiveness, inspections, repairs, fumigation, housekeeping. Technology for your hospital wayfinding can be integrated using IoT solutions.

Reducing patient waiting times in ophthalmology clinics, specialty hospitals

The best technology for patient tracking and hospital workflow tracking. Solutions are available in many technology flavors that offer a map-based view of objects on the hospital shop floor, where the accuracy varies from 1 meter to 2.5 5 meters and above. Wired and wireless deployment. Some use a Wifi network whereas others run on  Bluetooth mesh or other radio transmission forms. Bluetooth technology is compliant with HL standards and is more widely accepted among wearable manufacturers and medical device companies. Long battery life for the wearable staff tracking tags will help reduce ownership costs. The connected workforce concept can be applied to specialty clinics, and orthopedic hospitals as well, where the key health parameters of medical and nonmedical staff can be monitored regularly. The indoor positioning system cost can easily be recovered through improved productivity of staff. The hospital navigation app can be custom-built for hospital management software India.

Vikas 2.0 - Wireless RTLS in hospitals Patient experience, equipment, & staff tracking ,best technology for indoor positioning in hospitals

Vikas 2.0 - Real time asset tracking in hospitals with zero cabling

RTLS wireless Asset Tracking solutions & Indoor positioning systems

  • Monitor high-value assets like IV pumps, ECGs, syringe pumps, oxygen cylinders, etc.
  • Instantly locate beds, stretchers, wheelchairs etc. in emergency situations
  • Visibility to the total time spent, entry/exit  times, and workflow
  • Easily track equipment theft and misuse
  • Instant notification to take  necessary actions
  • Reduce damage and loss of money

Iot solutions in laboratories

Cold chain Monitoring

  • Ensure ideal temperature for
    medicines, vaccines, blood bags 24*7
  • Increase life span
  • Improve patient safety

Hospital Indoor Positioning systems

Intruder Detection

  • Easily detect unauthorized entry to
    OT, medicine storage, server room etc.
  • Instant alerts to concerned staff

Integrate Digital twins in healthcare with wireless RTLS in specialty clinics & hospitals

Our solutions can best be suited for wireless Asset tracking, Patient Flow Management, Medical Equipment Monitoring Clinical Workflow Automation, Real-Time Data AnalyticsInventory Management System Patient Safety Solutions. Healthcare Logistics Solutions

Call us to know more about RTLS in hospitals, Digital twin solutions for hospital asset tracking staff productivity, your hospital wayfinding platform, improving patient experience, monitoring equipment, and workflow tracking with the best IoT sensor kit for indoor positioning in hospitals.

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