Health Insurance Processing - Benefits

Many nations, despite being countries with the best hospital system, healthcare facilities are not up to the mark due to a lack of doctors, patient wait time, and outdated technologies. To overcome these issues, the  African government has set up a new healthcare system, National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF). Not only in South Africa but governments all over the continent are using these methods to cover up the healthcare facility gaps. Thus it becomes important for the hospitals to be well equipped to handle these changes. The Insurance Management module of Vikas ERP for hospitals has got you covered to adapt to these changes quickly and efficiently using our health insurance management system.

Hospital Managementsoftware for insurance & patient experience

Vikas health insurance software - Medical insurance claims claims processing ; improve patient experience

Faster claims for Patients: – The system keeps track of the pending claim settlements and enhances the process by automation thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Eases workload: – Even for the internal staff, the module provides information on claims to be cleared on priority (long pending), as well as with its integration with the central billing system reduces employee pressure on manually updating the statements and invoices, whereas they could focus on more important tasks, integrate with insurance platform providers


Cost savings through improved medical claims process

Vikas - ERP for hospitals - insurance processing software

Enhanced resource utilisation: – Through automation, the module reduces the insurance claim settlement time without the requirement of a larger number of employees handling the department. The employees could be used for other important tasks, thus, the same amount of work would be done quicker and within a smaller number of employees saving costs on resources.

Enhances decision making process: – With faster medical insurance claim settlements, there is evident cash flow improvement which helps foresee the capital distribution, and identify discrepancies in the system monetary wise. It also manages the multi insurance provider tariffs.  Hence helping management make better future monetary decisions fully optimising the resources and working on areas of improvement. 

Insurance processing & competitive Advantage

Vikas 2.0 hospital management system, front office software enhances your competitive advantageIssuing Medical Insurance: – With the emerging medical insurance issuance culture in African hospitals, the module eases the process of Issuing medical insurance policy to patients and also you can view associated bills of patients for record maintenance. The system is also integrated with the NHIF Insurance Settlement System, providing additional benefits.

Error Reduction in insurance claims

Vikas hospital ERP software - Insurance processing for reduced errors

Compliance with authorities: – The module while issuing medical insurance to the patients keeps check on the claim complying with the approval authority to ensure authenticity. 

Integration with central billing: – Human errors are bound to happen in case of preparing account statements/invoices across departments manually. The module is integrated with the central billing system to prepare cash flows and billing automatically thus reducing errors.

Increase revenues through health insurance software

Vikas ERP for hospitals ; hospital Insurance processing software, medical claims software for revenue generation models

Enhancing service portfolio: – The module not only reduces the claim settlement time but also holds the capacity to issue medical insurance policy to patients with a view of patient’s bills associated with the insurance claims. These additional services attract more patients and help in building relations with them for long term profits. It would also increase patient inflow through word of mouth. 

Enhancing internal working: – With automated issuance of insurance policies to the patients, it invites more activities internally to be taken care of which means more responsibilities and employees. The module takes care of most of it where you can view the status of pending insurance claims along with the duration of waiting, and work upon clearing them accordingly thus catering to more customers at the same time and enhancing service delivery through efficiency in medical claims & insurance processing.