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Netra 2.0, iot solutions for eye hospitals, reduce patient wait times tracking, enhance patient experience

Reducing outpatient wait times with IoT solutions for hospitals

Real Time Asset Tracking IoT solutions for patient experience & patient workflow – Specialty eye hospitals, orthopedics & ophthalmology clinics, daycare hospitals can implement our ready-to-deploy, zero-wiring, and electrical disturbance-free solutions to track & monitor outpatient waiting times, to ascertain the quality of service, which helps improve patient safety, patient experience, and staff productivity. IoT sensor kit for patient tracking the availability of wheelchairs & portable medical devices to ensure timely medical care, prevent theft and misuse of high-value medical devices in designated departments and keep track of preventive maintenance and housekeeping activities using iot in health management.

IoT solutions for early detection and prevention of eye diseases

Quickly track with accuracy, the Real Time Asset Tracking IoT solutions for eye hospitals in outpatient management.. Monitor movement of medical staff, integrate optometry data for early detection, know space utilization of medical stores. Intruder detection, zone mapping & inventory theft protection. Indoor Inventory management in healthcare & specialty clinics such as ophthalmology.

Increasing efficiency in eye hospitals with IoT integration

In a post-pandemic world, indoor air quality plays an important role in the well-being of hospital staff, patients, and visitors. The hospital indoor air quality monitoring solution offers regular alerts on PM 2.5 measurements to ensure hygiene and an infection-free environment in your hospital.

Surgical workflow analysis with Real Time Asset Tracking

Improve productivity and safety in the hospital operation theatre, deploying surgical workflow tracking tools that are easy to deploy, and delivering new insights open operation theatre efficiencies, which can help improve patient experience & safety.

Enhancing the accessibility of eye care services with IoT

Improving patient workflow, tracking repair and maintenance, and ensuring that medical devices are running without anomalies. Vaccines and diet food cold chain traceability using RFID solutions to ensure goods are stored in the optimal temperature and humidity

IOT solutions for specialty hospitals

Hospital management needs to ensure continued operations and surgical equipment. The indoor GPS & IoT starter kit will help you with patient tracking for measurement of patient workflow, and patient waiting times being wearable tags. Implant for reducing patient waiting times to reduce abuse and theft of high-value medical equipment

Indoor location tracking in hospital management.

Deploying indoor positioning systems in hospitals will help improve operational efficiency and staff productivity. Locate movement and time spent by critical staff in various departments, and make emergency calls through improved facilities management.

Real Time Asset tracking in specialty eye hospitals. Ready to deploy solutions integrated with Vikas 2. and Netra 2.0

Improving patient experience with Real Time Asset Tracking

Improving patient safety & experience, staff productivity, and compliance in ophthalmology clinics, and orthopedic hospitals are becoming important in the new normal. The patient experience and safety at the central purpose of any healthcare institution and the deployment of patient tracking systems in healthcare, for small institutions can help bring new insights from an operational perspective. This will certainly enhance productivity, reduce operating expenses and raise the quality of healthcare provided, hospital standards, and competitive advantage of institutions for equipment, hospital workflow, staff productivity tracking using the best Indoor positioning systems & Bluetooth mesh technologies.

Day 1 – Mapping

Physically measure the deployment area of the outpatient clinic or orthopedic surgery department, mapping into virtual zones as desired. Identify the workflow of the use case, whether it is about patient tracking, surgical workflow or wheelchair tracking

Day 2 – Mapping

Deploying anchors to mark the virtual zones, configuring the gateway, unlocking the iot sensor kit, patient tracking tags, and beacons, powering them with batteries, enabling the frequency of data transmission for iot in healthcare management

Day 3 – Configuration

Walkthrough the virtually mapped regions of the outpatient and inpatient departments, to ensure indoor positioning accuracy, manual testing of zones, temperature & humidity values, and movement of medical devices, enabling intruder detection alerts.

Day 4 – Testing & Go live

Enable user logins, upload the map onto the healthcare platform for shop floor visibility, writing business rules to provide alerts and notifications on zone changes, patient waiting times, crowd management, temperature & humidity alerts

Netra 2.0 IOT solutions for  hospitals

IoT solutions in eye hospitals in implementing blue ocean strategy

Looking at implementing a blue ocean strategy in your hospital to bring key differentiation outpatient experience, staff productivity, and healthcare regulatory compliance? You need to seriously look at implementing Real Time Asset Tracking IoT solutions for eye hospitals, speciality clinics, deploying Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices for patient workflow, patient tracking systems. which helps in reducing outpatient waiting times. The retrofit wearable sensors are easy to deploy, low cost of ownership and maintenance,