Laboratory and LIMS software - Benefits

Hospital Management & Laboratory information management system (LIMS in a hospital) plays a crucial role in the diagnosis of such diseases and their improper functioning can even prove to be fatal for the patient. Hospital laboratory systems face challenges like lack of availability of resources (reagents), inadequate testing results, and poor service delivery that results in a lack of trust-building in patients. Less than 10% of the eye hospitals, clinics and  laboratories have deployed efficient technological solutions with international accreditations, thus it is the best time to adopt solutions to gain a competitive advantage in the region. Access to laboratory results online can help improve patient convenience and reduce the work of staff using our LIMS software.

Laboratory management & Patient experience

Vikas 2.0 hospital ERP - Laboratory information management system software with LIMS

Faster and improved Service Delivery: – The module defines duration for different tests and procedures and keeps track of the peak patient hours to ensure optimum allocation of the workforce. It also schedules services according to priority, increasing patient importance in the process, and reducing the patient wait time. It also monitors the environmental conditions of not only the inside of the laboratory but also the amount of CO2 released into the environment keeping track of the emissions in the surroundings.

Easing work: – What is LIMS used for? The LIMS software application automatically creates purchase orders for laboratory requirements as the reagent stock goes below a certain level, thus employees do not have to keep track of the depletion of inventory manually. Even for management, people productivity matrices keep track of the workforce productivity, thus helping in giving appraisals.

Best Laboratory management system software

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Reduced resource wastage: – Our customers have saved an amount equal to 1.5% of laboratory management sales by reduction in kit and reagent wastage. It also monitors laboratory equipment utilisation to keep track of equipment efficiency and see if it’s still an asset or has become a liability. The module is integrated with outpatient consulting and inpatient billing thus fastens the discharge procedure of the patients reducing the cost incurred upon admitted patients.

Laboratory account management: – The module generates Profit and Loss statements as well as keeps track of Activity Based Costing of the laboratory. This helps in managing capital and identifies cost-draining areas.

Optimum Human Resource allocation and utilization: – Workforce productivity is measured with the people productivity improvement matrices, which helps in identifying who should be given what type of responsibility. Also, with the help of the patient portal and wait time matrices peak hours are identified thus helping in optimizing the allocation of human resources department-wise accordingly using Laboratory software.

Competitive Advantage with Hospital Management LIMS software

Vikas 2.0 - Hospital management LIMS software for laboratory management

Automation: – What does a laboratory information system do? One of the biggest issues is the lack of trust among African natives for the laboratory results. The module provides sampling and reporting using auto analyser interfacing complying to the LIMS protocol. It would enhance service delivery and help build trust among patients giving accurate results. 

Third Party Integration: – Patients, who have gotten their previous diagnosis done from some other laboratories could also get their treatments done from your hospital or vice versa using the module. Information transfer with third party laboratories helps build partnership hence enhances hospital reputation and networking. 

Environment Monitoring: – Working with microorganisms, maintaining temperature quality, and humidity control becomes imperative. With the integrated linen and scrub,  patient tracking module.

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Vikas hospital ERP - Laboratory management, LIMS software for medical device integration

Avoids Miscommunication: – The module keeps track of the peak hours of patients and monitors workforce productivity, thus rightly communicating the patient wait time as well as reducing patient wait time by optimally allocating human resources. The LIMS software module is also integrated with Optometry devices, outpatient and inpatient billing, quickening the overall process as well as patient discharge thus catering to a larger number of patients. 

Improved Accuracy: – Sampling and reporting is done using auto analyzer interfacing abiding by LIMS medical device protocol thus delivering accurate results which would enhance customer satisfaction and trust-building. 

Environment Control Check: – Ensuring proper environmental conditions is an important aspect of acclaiming all the major accreditations as well as COHSASA. With the module, the temperature and humidity of the department are 24*7 monitored. Even Indoor air quality and CO2 levels are monitored thus helping you do your bit in protecting the environment of the country. A lab information management system that is on the cloud, secure data management for lab managers easy sample tracking.

Increase revenues - Hospital laboratory information management system

Vikas best laboratory information system software

Specialty hospitals can increase their revenue if they receive more patients and inpatients (with lesser duration of stay). The module defines the expected time to be taken in conducting different tests, and automation reduces the patient wait time thus enhancing the service delivery speed. The system also schedules appointments based on priority thus, patients feel their problems are being addressed by the hospital ultimately increasing patient satisfaction. It attracts more patients through word of mouth and increases patient retention by delivering excellent services.  

Interaction with third-party labs: -What are the benefits of using a Laboratory Information Management System?  LIMS in a hospital provides a provision for third-party labs to interact with the internal system thus enhancing the partnership with other laboratories and hospitals. It helps in developing trust among the patients through online access to labware LIMS / laboratory information reports. A cloud-based lab information system engineered for lab managers with sample tracking aims for integration and efficient data management using laboratory software