Know the Important features of Laboratory Management Software

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Laboratory management software

Lab management – A laboratory management software with interfacing system is a tool for Data management (LIMS) and to Process a large number of samples to manage Lab workflow.  Now the question is whether Is that so simple and How can it make an impact in the contemporary healthcare system? 

Automation using hospital laboratory management software

With LIMS (LAB Management Systems), the lab can automate workflows, integrate instruments, and manage samples, and associated information. Additionally, labs can produce valid results quickly and can track data across experiments to improve efficiency by deploying RTLS in Laboratories


Let us see how it really works:

  • LIMS can avoid the worst nightmare of every Lab counter which has patients waiting in the queue. LIMS can provide much faster delivery of results than manual processing so that the waiting time of the patient can be reduced. 
  • Bi-Directional LIMS in lab management can avoid the wrong insertion of Samples into the Machine since it is entirely tracked through Barcodes
  • By reducing the patient waiting time, the hospital can ensure safe distancing and safety not only over waiting for counters but also on Laboratory premises.
  • By LIMS, management can track the efficiency of the entire lab, which includes the Turn Around Time, and Machine Performance by reports, and can track Assignment, scheduling, and tracking of the sample and analytical workload also.

is particularly useful for avoiding user entry-level mistakes since it directly loads the results to the Hospital software. Hence, medical device integration can ensure 100 percent accuracy in results

LAB medical device integration with hospital laboratory management software offers research facilities much-needed connectivity. Now, imagine taking connected labs to the next level. Enterprises across sectors enjoy upgrades to work processes, productivity, and profitability. hospital laboratories face a renaissance, as users share insights, improve workloads, and stay competitive. As the industry faces tighter margins than ever, laboratories must look to technology. 

The main area we can implement an RTLS layer are:-

Unauthorized entry detection

Using open/close door sensors we can detect unauthorized entry to the labs where sensitive assets are kept after working hours. We can alarm the concerned staff if there is any unauthorized activity happens.

Cold chain storage monitoring In laboratories

There will be chemicals that need to be kept at low temperatures. We can monitor the temperature and humidity inside these chambers using temp/hum sensors which are IP68 certified and can withstand very low temperatures. This ensures lab management chemicals to be kept at the required temperature and humidity always.

Asset tracking in hospital laboratory management systems

In laboratories, there will be a number of assets that are used for specific uses. Managing these assets properly is a herculean task. Our solutions assure that the assets are managed properly by identifying their position. If the assets are placed in a different zone, the sensor will notify the change. Also, we can monitor if there are any empty bins/trays present.

Thermal and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

According to the new normal, it is mandatory to keep the workplace safe and healthy in order to avoid all possible threats that can happen due to the covid situation. Our thermal module will automatically detect the body temperature and alerts you if the threshold limit is crossed.

Also, it is very important to deploy indoor air quality monitoring kits to ensure a safe workplace for workers. Our IAQ module will monitor the air quality continuously and alerts if the threshold limit is crossed.

Collecting all the data from the above hospital RFID solutions using a central gateway and visualizing it through a dashboard provides better insights into inventory and laboratory management systems

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