Important reasons why LIMS in hospital used for

LIMS in a hospital medical device integration software

Vikas 2.0 - What is LIMS used for ? LIMS in hospital, optometry equipment, Laboratory integration software India

What is LIMS used for ? LIMS in hospital for laboratory integration – Process workflow automation is no more an unusual term and almost all medical communities are used to it. Being a healthcare provider – whether you own a single hospital or a multi-center chain, you are invariably surrounded by high-end medical machinery churning out data every day. While the data itself is extremely important and insightful, manually entering the information is the main source of error across hospital departments. Patients can access laboratory results online.

Hospital laboratory information management systems

What is LIMS used for ? Hospital laboratory integration software for medical devices on a single platform, allowing them to communicate with each other reduces manual intervention and provides accurate results, eliminating human errors. In this regard, healthcare providers should be equipped with effective ‘medical device integration systems that will address this problem and make the data work for you rather than against it. Hospital Information Systems (HIS) software can contribute much in this aspect and it is very important for any HIS system to provide device integration & interfacing with medical machinery and other 3rd party systems and equipment.

Laboratory medical device integration software – What is LIMS used for ? Vikas 2.0 Cloud HIMS offers the perfect solution for your device integration needs. Our ‘machine interfacing solutions’ supports an easy interface with both unidirectional and bidirectional models and come with proven experience of 300+ integrations. Whatever medical equipment you have, be it lab machines, Radiology machines, ECG equipment, or other medical devices, our level of integration is considered the best in the industry and you do not have to consult a third-party vendor for machine interfacing and integration. These are part of the hospital management system modules

LIMS in hospital – medical device integration

Going from a biological sample to a meaningful result can be a complex process involving multiple steps, and people, and has the potential for errors. For the purpose of secure, automated, scalable tracking and information management within labs, Clinical Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) can be enabled. Our Vikas 2.0 / Netra 2.0  systems are equipped with an advanced LIMS module and over 30 different types of lab medical device equipment can be interfaced with our HIS system.

Benefits of LIMS in hospital / Clinical laboratory integration software

  • Enable workflow automation which reduces human errors & saves time.
  • Upload data directly to the laboratory module within EMR from the lab machine.
  • Centralize access and storage of data
  • Improve test result accuracy with LIMS
  • Avoid manual sample collection errors
  • Automatic inventory of reagents
  • Integration with lab requisition and billing
  • Helps in attaining NABL certification
  • Improve patient experience and safety
  • Patients can access laboratory results online

Optometry equipment integration

Opthalmology clinics and eye hospitals can benefit from our extensive skills and expertise in integrating optometry devices which will enhance automation and reduce manual errors. The optometry machines are connected to Netra 2.0 software

What is LIMS used for ? Laboratory results online

Providing online access to laboratory results for patients and bystanders to improve convenience is some of the benefits of deploying LIMS. Laboratory tests can be scheduled online and the time slot for tests and result collection will be notified through SMS or WhatsApp. So get ready to scale, and improve safety, and accuracy through automation  Vikas 2.0 Cloud ERP & LIMS in hospital with medical device integration software solutions.


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