MRD file tracking

Hospital Patient file tracking solution with RTLS software - Vikas 2.0
Patient file tracking

The Medical Records Department plays a key role in managing the information related to patients and complying with the medico-legal requirements. Hospitals have digital, digital archival, and physical models to store important patient medical information. This is important for follow-up visits, admission process, preparing patient discharge summaries, billing, etc.

Patient file tracking software with RTLS software

Our RTLS software is best suited for physical patient file tracking using Bluetooth tags to help hospitals easily track the files and their movement between departments.

  • Enables easy admission and discharge process in hospitals
  • Track the movement of physical patient files between departments
  • Understand the time spent in moving the patient file between locations
  • Ascertain the nurse of other staff responsible for each patient file
  • Enhancing patient experience with smart clinic software
Digital medical records for hospitals

We also provide inpatient and outpatient medical records solutions on the browser platform. For those who have existing medical records in physical format, we offer digitization solutions.

  • Real estate space-saving – Restore significant space in prime property
  • Quick – Over 100,000 patient visit information readily available for use
  • Smart ROI – Low capital investment with Bluetooth mesh beacons for file tracking
  • Peace of mind – Electronically archived and preserved crucial data
  • Safe – Data backup/secondary storage on storage media/cloud environment
  • Ease – Retrieval of data from one or several departments
  • Increase in patient experience and goodwill using patient file tracking
  • Reduce overheads in human resources requirements and maintenance