Netra 2.0 is the best Multi location eye clinic software

Netra 2.0 lite - Multi location eye clinic management software, cloud-based and on premise solutions

Multi location eye clinic management software

Cloud-based systems are quickly becoming the choice of healthcare professionals. These are cost-effective and provide superior patient care. Cloud-based eye clinic management software puts the files on a storage cloud that is secure and protected. When any doctor or healthcare professional needs the file, they can access that cloud from anywhere around the world. Cloud-based medical software has multiple advantages and has become a necessity for almost all major clinical chains around the world. The major benefit is you can have access to your clinic from multiple locations.

Netra 2.0 is a multi location eye clinic management software

Modern, multi-location eye clinic operations are managed by cloud or web-based software that enhances the efficiency of the management and increases productivity. The goal of this software is to utilize advanced features and provide services with great accuracy and precision. This software mostly relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to manage and enhance the effectiveness of work. There are multiple cloud-based software available on the internet. Netra is a leading cloud-based eye clinic management software with many specialized features. The benefits of using it are:

Manage operations from anywhere

This is one of the greatest benefits of using Ophthalmology EMR cloud-based software. You can connect to the internet and review all your patients’ records, history, diagnoses, and lab results. You can even give virtual consultancy to your patients with an appointment through the software. You can check all the purchases of IOLs, medicines, opticals, and other eye surgery instruments. You will also be updated about all the finances and orders. All of this can be done on your phone whether you are at home or on the go.

Monitor the work of support staff

Check all the documentation online from your phone. You can look into and monitor all the invoices and purchases. You can handle your business even on a vacation from the couch in your lounge. Cloud software not only makes it easy for you but also enhances the efficiency of work. Also, through online software patients will be able to book appointments and place optical orders 24/7 using clinic management software.

Flexible schedule

With cloud technology, you can view and modify patient records, and your business finances from anywhere. It gives you more control over your work and plenty of freedom. You won’t need to be physically present in the office. The work will continue smoothly and the management software will boost the outcome. Your workload will be cut to half with digitalization and automated with AI cloud-based & optometry integration software i.e. Netra 2.0

Coordinate eye care with Associates

Coordinating patient care with associate doctors is a common practice in the medical field. This helps in targeting the major cause of disease and taking the treatment accordingly. With Netra 2.0, you can easily share or give the same access to associate doctors so they can study the case with patients’ critical information and data trends. With multiple opinions, there is a better diagnosis and more effective treatment using surgical workflows.

Optimize business benefits

With multi-location eye clinic management software, you are not required to be physically present in your eye center all the time. The software will manage the tasks for you and book all the appointments. You will have to see your patients according to the appointment scheduling only. Apart from this, you don’t have to go to your clinic. You can handle everything in your clinic with your smartphone.


With multi-location eye clinic software like Netra 2.0 not only manages and protects all the records of your patients, but also reduces human errors, utilizes centralized information, improves precision/accuracy, generates revenue, increases cost savings, and enhances patient satisfaction. It is an all-rounder software that will cut your work to half and double the productivity of your eye clinic.