What makes Netra 2.0 Eye Hospital system special?

Netra installation in Karur, Tamil Nadu

eye hospital system software in Tamil Nadu. Netra ophthalmology EMR software Karur

Our team at Netra eye hospital system and Ophthalmology EMR  is very happy to announce its customer Somasundaram Eye Hospital situated in Karur, Tamil Nadu. Backed with a vision to offer the best in patient care and equipped with technologically advanced healthcare facilities, Somasundaram eye hospital is one of the upcoming names in the healthcare industry. A team of well-trained medical staff, non-medical staff, and experienced clinical technicians work round-the-clock to offer various healthcare services.

Netra – A reliable eye hospital management system

Till now, the hospital has not yet adopted any kind of EMR software in their existing system. But the norm of NABH accreditation,  digitized patient records and kind of competitive advantage in the healthcare industry by adopting new technologies has prompted them to partner a robust Ophthalmology EMR software to their hospital system. When our team consulted the hospital management, some of the core pain points identified are as follows

  • Absence of a patient data management system
  • Poor stock and optical inventory controls
  • Lack of NABH accreditation support systems
  • Time-consuming work procedures across departments
  • Inadequate management information system

With reference to these pain points and hospital size (1-3 doctors), the best recommendation by our experts to the hospital was to adopt NETRA. This is an eye hospital patient experience management solution addressing the operational and growth requirements of professionally run ophthalmic practice units. As promised, this robust electronic medical records and administrative management solution took only 7 implementation days to attain its full-fledged functionality in the hospital. Major achievements achieved by the hospital through the Netra installation include:

Document Management with Netra eye hospital system

Earlier the patient data was manually recorded and the patient records were not stored anywhere even physically. During patient revisits, there were no records on patient histories and thus increased the room for errors during the consultation. Netra provides digitized patient records using Ophthalmology EMR software that adhere to better patient safety.

NABH Certification

The mentioned healthcare unit has immediate plans for the NABH accreditation process. NETRA is a NABH compliant ophthalmic EMR solution that enhances the hospital management process as per the NABH standards. Hospital management is highly satisfied by the numerous NABH compliant reports in the Netra eye hospital system and MIS module.

Pharmacy and Optical Inventory management

Previously the purchase and inventory management process were completely manual and time-consuming. Netra enhances the material management process with accurate stock information for management and a multi-level approval system for more transparency.

Bill analysis & cash settlement

With manual bookkeeping of transactions, it was time-consuming for staff to prepare daily bill analysis or cash collection reports and track patient dues. With the new system, the processes were automated which made it easy to perform the above tasks in a matter of minimal time.

Other benefits of Netra eye hospital management

Easy patient registration with photo identification, automated patient certificate generations, accurate IP billing procedures, and insurance management platform.

The hospital went through various demos in its purchase process with competitors offering low-cost software. But NETRA differentiated from the competition by providing key solutions including optometry integration to address the hospital pain points without vague promises. Contact our experts to know more about our Netra eye hospital system.

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