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The demand from the digitally enabled population has pushed for the rapid adoption of online consultation, digital payments &  and self-service facilities.

From thousands of miles away, Dr. Samuel checks the eye of a patient. He could, though, get in touch with a doctor thousands of miles away, via two-way video. Using an electronic stethoscope that a paramedic on the rig held in place, Dr. Oscar an emergency medicine physician in Harare, listened to Mr. Mathew’s heart. “The extreme pain strongly suggested a kidney stone,” Dr. Samuel said later. A urinalysis on the rig confirmed the diagnosis, and Mr. Mathew to his home in Kigali for treatment. Mr. Martin, 32, is now back at work on the rig. He says he is grateful he could discuss his pain by video with the doctor. “It’s a lot better than trying to describe it on a phone,” Mr. Mathew says. Read about the benefits of clinic management software

Post Pandemic lockdown days, remote healthcare is a better alternative for smooth online consultation for people. To augment this, modern healthcare systems are integrating the concept of hospital telemedicine software. This can be part of their medical services offering. In simple terms, online buying, telemedicine refers to the practice of caring for patients remotely when the provider and patient are not physically present with each other. Can be easily integrated with Teja 2.0 Small business hospital software on the web..

Vikas 2.0 - Hospital management system with online consultation software / telemedicine

Doctor Appointments

Patients can conveniently take appointments for a particular doctor at a convenient time. For visits to the hospitals, convenient time slots can be arranged to reduce crowding

Online Payment

Patients can make an online payment for consultation with the help of secured payment gateways in India, East Africa regions such as Razorpay, 2checkout, etc

Online Initial Assessment forms

Patients can note down their disease conditions, current difficulties & vitals which helps doctors to get a rough idea of a patient before the consultation. The system also allows for relevant medical document uploads if any.

Integrated with EMR

Doctors can see the list of telemedicine appointments and initial assessment details entered by patients. During the online consultation, doctors can record their observations within EMR and the details will be added to patient visit history

Benefits of using online consultation software

Video conferencing & Chatbots

The video or audio consultation can be done through mobile/PC and chatbots are equipped for better doctor-patient interactions. They can also be used for clarifying patient queries on health matters.

Better patient outcomes Technologies that come integrated with telemedicine software like electronic medical records can assist providers in diagnosis and treatment. Integrated technology allows providers to monitor patients through online consultation and adjust treatment plans when necessary. Ultimately, this leads to better patient outcomes.

Cross consultation – Primary care physicians can connect with specialists who are in another location for appropriate patient assessment in real-time. Also, patient-relevant documents can be shared in real-time for more accurate treatment decisions.

Alerts/ Messages – Information on appointments, payments, and other consultation related alerts are sent to patients at various stages.

Online prescriptions/ Investigation requests – Doctors can prescribe medicines and send the digitally signed prescription to patients in PDF format either as Email/WhatsApp attachment.

Expand patient base  -Telemedicine helps doctors to expand their patient base to new geographic locations and maintain constant communications with patients in faraway areas.

Optimisation of resources – Reduce the dependency on the number of staff in your hospital for patient appointment, reduced real estate space etc

Not yet equipped for online consultation software?

Across the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated healthcare providers to adopt new models of remotely delivered health care with existing technologies. It is the need of the hour that the healthcare providers should create awareness on technologies like telemedicine to the patients. This helps caregivers and patients to stay safe in such situations and provide uninterrupted care delivery. Also, the exponential spread of such pandemics can be avoided by maintaining safe distancing using telemedicine technology.

We believe now is the perfect time for healthcare organizations to harness the potential of the technology to provide better and more efficient care to the community. Vikas 2.0 Telemedicine System makes the entire healthcare delivery model more convenient to patients and healthcare providers.

Patient portal module for specialty and ophthalmology telemedicine

Our hospital portal (scheduling, appointment) solution integrates telemedicine, and any third-party HIS packages to provide patient self-service, remote consultation web enablement, and collaboration. Our healthcare IT solutions comprise of hospital ERP software, patient portals, payment gateway, online consultation software,  patient workflow monitoring, and ERP implementation services.

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