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Client Case Study & Online ERP Implementation Scenarios.

Online Hospital Management ERP  Implementation in Indo Gargar hospital West Africa

Indo Gargar Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the region of Somaliland, the West African country, and is located in the capital city of Hargeisa. As a joint venture with Metro International Cardiac Centre, the hospital is the first CathLab-provided institution in the country.

Before the online implementation of our Vikas ERP for hospitals in Kenya,  the hospital was fully running over manual processing. This caused severe glitches in tracking cash collections, patient management, and every other departmental process.

Based on the proven structured online implementation methodology and procedures devised by us, Indo Gargar Hospital has chosen an online mode of healthcare platform implementation. Requirements have been initially analyzed and servers were configured online. In the primary stage, online training sessions were conducted for hospital staff for core modules like Registration, Billing, and EMR within a sandbox database. 

Due to the dedicated support from our implementation team, hospital staff were enthusiastic and caught up with the modules very fast. This resulted in the go-live of the basic software modules within 2 days. Pharmacy, purchase, and other core modules were online implemented and trained in the following weeks giving dedicated support for each and every query. Financial reports have been customized as per hospital standards and the MIS reporting system has been initiated with third-party email servers configured online.  As per the hospital feedback, they rated 100% customer satisfaction for our dedicated online hospital software implementation methodology and online training mechanisms.

Online ERP Implementation of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)

Managing laboratory machine integration online has already been effectively done by us across various tertiary and secondary level hospitals in Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Mozambique.

Our LIMS application is designed to connect with any type of lab Machine configuration and can direct them to do the tests using Barcoded Samples and import the results from the machine which helps in accuracy and time savings.

One of the main challenges in online machine interfacing is making the connection live. With an experience of 200+ implementations, our engineers configure connections as per machine type and enable interface settings in the machine.  Once this gets done connection can be effectively checked with ‘HyperTerminal’ to look for any errors. The connection is tested for correctness with real-time data and lab results.

A well-defined, smooth online implementation is not a core hand for most of the software systems today,  where we excel in these challenging scenarios. All we need is a hospital person onsite to initiate connections and to verify live data results post LIMS online implementation. Read about eye hospital software Cameroon

Online Payroll Solution Implementation

On an industry average, manual payroll preparation time across healthcare institutions for a salary month is 3-4 business days. Digital providers who offer payroll solutions currently refrain to address such hospital challenges due to pandemic and safe distancing norms.

Whatever scenarios it takes,  we offer effective online implementation methods for hospital software, payroll solutions, and healthcare platforms like an online lab, employee productivity, and patient safety solutions. In the case of payroll implementation, manual data and requirements are collected and analyzed. To make the online implementation faster, a backup database is transferred online and our well-experienced engineers configure module fields and procedures as per client requirements. Once verified this gets updated on the hospital database. Online training is effectively conducted for each user using user-friendly remote applications until users get well-versed with the module. 24/7 online support is provided to assist users in case of any kind of issues and emergencies.   

Small hospital management software Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Mozambique

Small hospital management software Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique

Ready to deploy small hospital management software on a monthly rental basis. Online installation and training. Choice of versions and modules to choose from. Dedicated cloud hosting for data privacy and security.

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