Operation theatre management software

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Operation theatre inventory and surgery scheduling software

The hospital operation theatre management software module of Vikas 2.0 ERP for hospitals allows the allocation of various resources in surgical departments. These are essential to perform surgeries in the hospital to improve patient safety and experience. Our innovative and integrated software modules & IT solutions combine the best in a class of technology and processes to help hospitals bring differentiation in a surgical set tracking and safety environment.

Hospital operation theatre management software
  • Improves planning in hospital operation theater
  • Easy to operate and quick learning module
  • Reduces operation theater inventory and helps in purchase planning
  • Preventive maintenance of hospital equipment using the IOT asset tracking
  • Doctor wise surgery scheduling to improve theatre utilization
  • Keeps track of expensive operation theater consumables
  • Operation theatre equipment inventory tracking
  • Quick access to previous surgery reports, and online laboratory results.
  • Improve patient safety, experience, and satisfaction
  • Link surgeries with staff scheduling and track their movement within zones
  • Activity-based costing for hospital operation theater management software
  • Ensuring constant temperature of life-saving drugs
  • Critical alerts on movement and usage of equipment
  • Aligning equipment usage to patient billing services
  • Ensures proper utilization and maintenance of equipment
  • Access to information on smartphone and tablet devices
  • Staff roles and responsibility for improved maintenance and availability
  • Protection of valuable theatre equipment using asset tracking
  • Hospital patient portal for improved communication and collaboration
  • RTLS solution for temperature, and humidity logging
  • Integrated with IoT solutions