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A new report from the National Academy of Medicine states that on average doctors and nurses spends 50% of their workday processing EMR screen instead of treating the patient !!! Time for patient centric solutions.

Netra Ophthalmology Electronic medical records software Cameroon

Though advantageous than paper-based processing some EMR software consumed more time of doctors that they have to dedicate for patient-centric care. As revealed by various doctors, 45% of a typical 10-hour doctor’s duty most times is devoted to data recording than patient care. So what is the effect? As interactions with patients get decreased, it builds room for patient dissatisfaction. This results in severe effects in the form of rumors on poor service, a decrease in the patient footfall, and thus a fall in revenue flow, and so on.

Netra Ophthalmology EMR software Cameroon – patient-centric Care

Keeping these pain points in mind, We recently launched our Netra EMR 2.0. A revised Ophthalmology EMR software, designed by ophthalmologists for ophthalmologists. During the initial development stage itself, our team focused more on designing an EMR that improves doctor-patient interaction seamlessly by leveraging the latest technologies. No surprise! It has resulted in us successfully signing off the new version of Netra EMR 2.0 implementation in 50+ locations across 12 states within 12 months, especially during this pandemic.

As patients become more active healthcare consumers, they want to have stronger engagement with their providers. Netra EMR 2.0 is integrated with our Ophthalmology Telemedicine and Eye hospital patient portal modules to enable greater communication and connectivity between patients and hospitals. When you are more connected with the patients, they feel more empowered and engaged in their care, which can improve their health outcomes. When patients believe their doctors are accessible, their satisfaction goes up and this makes them more likely to recommend the practice to others, thus expanding a hospital’s reach and influence. So most healthcare organizations are now focusing to adopt a new business model for their medical services as part of the Healthcare Uberisation.

Ophthalmology EHR / Medical records software Cameroon

It is obvious that as part of new business models and when a healthcare organization wants to strengthen its balance sheets, it can either cut costs or increase its revenue potential. Although pursuing both options is probably wise. The good news is that it may be easier than you think. Adopting Netra Ophthalmology EMR software India enhances the reliability and consistency of hospital activities and thereby helps the organization to make meaningful strides in increasing the amount of revenue flow coming into the hospital.

Within a short span of time post-implementation, our solutions have already proven Cost savings among our clients in different locations. Netra Ophthalmology EHR software imparts a positive return on your financial investment through savings on drug expenditure, improved diagnostics efficiency, upgraded data recording, flexible and fast billing services, enhanced operational efficiency, and so on.

As per a recent study conducted among our clients, 79% of the hospitals found that their practice functions more efficiently after implementing Netra Ophthalmology EMR software, 68% of providers see Netra EMR 2.0 as an asset to support hospital growth plan, 75% see a drastic reduction in patient waiting time, 82% report that sending prescriptions electronically (e-prescribing) saves time and increased revenue and 70% report enhances in data confidentiality.

Getting your investment worth out of your EMR software vendor in Cameroon is crucial to making sure your hospital is provided with a solution that can keep all clinical, operational, and financial processes running smoothly. However, finding the right vendor is about a lot more than just buying hospital software. You might need to take a close look at the kind of company you are choosing as well. Selecting a software vendor is a commitment to a long-term relationship, and like in any business, choosing the wrong partner can mean frustration and trouble down the line.

Healthcare organizations should be able to rely on their IT provider, no matter what. But especially during the COVID  crisis with lockdowns in place, many healthcare organizations felt abandoned by their IT vendors and most of the support calls to the vendors remain unanswered. While selecting an IT vendor it is very crucial to look at vendor performance in the industry and key performance matrices like implementation and support mechanisms. This means knowing what to look for beyond just the software, its patient experience management.

At Software Associates – It’s about integrity and reliability. It is our great pleasure to announce that we are maintaining a 100% support ticket closure rate every week especially in this era. With a well-devised execution plan and a customer-focused service team, all complaint tickets raised from the customer front were successfully closed on time. Above all things, hospital business continuity is more important for us and we are actively listening to them during each conversation.

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