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EMR for Ophthalmology clinics, Ophthalmology EMR Software India – Netradarshan Super specialty eye hospital, is the first eye hospital in the district of Belgaum with sophisticated infrastructure and a focus on providing quality eye care. Senior doctors spearhead the organization and have plans to establish Netradarshan as a tertiary eye care hospital in Belgaum.

EMR for Ophthalmology clinic in India 

The previous ophthalmic software that they were using was outdated and hampered the smooth functioning of hospital operations. Both the doctors decided to change the software as they had bigger plans for Netradarshan. Determined, they started an extensive search for robust ophthalmic software. The depth of the software and the well-thought-out features put Netra 2.0 at the top of their likes. And after a thorough evaluation, they unanimously selected Netra eye hospital software for Netradarshan.

Netradarshan has been currently using Netra for over six months and has already got delightful results. Highlighted are the benefits observed by hospital management using EMR for ophthalmologists.

CUSTOMER DELIGHT: The major impact of the ophthalmic software change was on customer experience. The significant reduction in waiting time at various touchpoints like the front office, OPD, optometry, and pharmacy was a delightful experience for the patients. This eased the crowd and provided a comfortable atmosphere for the patients as well as the staff. On average, patients could walk out of the hospital within 45 minutes of registration.

The easiness of the process, availability of data, and accuracy of reports helped to reduce the time taken for managing operations. This provided doctors with additional time for patient care, which instantly won good reviews.

Digital transformation in eye clinics & ophthalmology EMR for clinics

IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY: The perfectly designed modules of NETRA, simplified the tasks, and eliminated human interventions wherever possible. The integration of departments enabled the seamless flow of data between the departments.

e.g. Booking and registration took less than 40 seconds per patient. The front office staff could manage more registrations and had additional time for answering patient requests.

e.g. The integration of optometry machines with the software made instant availability of data and improved accuracy. The optometrist could examine more patients and the doctors could also access the data immediately.

Access to real-time and accurate data provided doctors with additional time for consultation. i.e. on average 5 additional patients got consulted per doctor which added to the revenue.

INCREASE IN REVENUE: Though the larger impact on revenue can only be understood after a year, some of the obvious results are a 10-15% increase in patient registration, an increase in procedure and surgery billing, improved counseling (35 patients a day from earlier 12 patients), 5-10% increase in pharmacy revenue and 20% reduction of stock.

The transparency in billing and insurance processes also contributed greatly to the increase in revenue.

GROWTH: Overall Netra Ophthalmology EMR software, is providing promising results in all areas of operations. This provides the management, with enough confidence, and clarity required to execute their growth plans.

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