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Best Ophthalmology EMR software

NETRA - ANetra - Ophthalmology EMR software case study Cameroon, Malawi, Ghana

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Ophthalmology EMR software case studies in India & Africa regions – Our client is rated among the top eye care centers in Cameroon, West Africa region. The hospital has a large number of outpatients from Mondays to Saturdays. Netra Eye Hospital software is being deployed to bring transformation in patient workflow management, inventory, and accounting systems. The readymade product has many software modules for eye hospitals. The hospital has deployed a full-fledged ophthalmology EMR to ensure patient safety. 

Reception and counter at the ophthalmology clinics

In reception, through Netra process improvement, reception staff is divided to deal with different patient types like New/ Revisit/License/cash counter to efficiently manage patient wait time. AR room is automatically allotted on the registration screen which eases the receptionist’s work. Through doctor queue information, the receptionist can easily do patient allotment and optimize the queuing system. With regards to appointment processing, the process is much simpler for receptionists as they can easily shift timings, easily check in, and for doctors appointed patients appearing on the expected patient list so that they can assess patient flow for the coming days. Appointment patients receive booking Whatsapp alerts indicating the time of arrival, consulting the doctor, etc.

Also, the cash counter is made centralized and billings like registration, procedure, and laboratory are done through the centralized cash counter. At the end of the day, they tally the cash by looking at the hospital MIS dashboard.

Secretary desk module for eye hospitals

The Secretary’s desk is the ‘coordination as well as central communication point of the entire process in the hospital. With the help of Netra software, the secretary regulates the patient flow, acts as an inquiry desk for patients, and tries hard to reduce the patient wait time to the possible extent. On the secretary screen secretary person can see the doctor’s waiting- list, patient wait time, patient remarks, and so on. Important information like fast-track, vulnerable, cross-consultations and wait times of >30 min and >1 hr are shown in different color codes so that they can easily regulate the patient flow with such information.

Optometry EMR software for group practice management

What is ophthalmology EMR software in Optometry? In optometry, AR machine integration is done so that values recorded in the AR machine get loaded to the patient screen in optometry. Netra also provides a provision for selection-based entry of complaints and values so that optometrist no more needs to type values that can generate typing mistakes. This concerns patient safety as prescriptions may go wrong but selection-based entry reduces the chance of such mistakes. Transparency in optometry processing is also maintained through individual user accounts using the best ophthalmology EMR.

Eye Hospital pharmacy software module 

Netra 2.0 pharmacy software module provides smooth working for the pharmacist. Through Netra process optimization, purchase order preparation, and other stock management activities which were earlier done by pharmacists are now centralized in the purchasing department and pharmacists only have to concentrate now on the material request preparation and GRN approval. In Netra, stock inventory transfer to branches is an easier task and doesn’t create complications. Netra sales return and bill estimate provisions save much time for the pharmacist. Through Netra, doctors could see the medicine availability through the system and prescribe as per the availability. This reduces various complexities in the pharmacy module of eye clinic software.

Purchase & Store inventory for eye hospital management

Through the Netra stores module, material requests from various departments can be easily converted to purchase orders which makes the manager’s job easier. The whole stock purchase has been changed to a centralized purchase which brought transparency to the system and reduced the chance of any type of pilferage. Earlier material requests, PO, and GRN preparation were done by various department heads which are now carried on by the purchase/store head which saves considerable time working for various departments.

Keeping track of purchase returns and credit notes in the eye care hospital was tedious but due to the availability of purchase returns and credit note reports, it became easier. Also, reports concerning purchase bills and sale bills help in tax processing. Tips on starting an ophthalmology clinic

Optical shop billing & inventory software

After the installation of Netra in opticals order creation has become very easy and effective. Tracking patient orders is possible without any difficulty. A fitter screen is a good specification that easily allocates work to various fitters and optimizes the optical process. This also helps in tracking patient orders and can give fast customer replies which leads to customer satisfaction. Salesman-wise reports are available so that it helps salesmen to know their status of sales each day and improve their sales performance. In optical, every function is now computerized reducing manual efforts.

Counseling module in eye care hospital software 

OT list preparation is effective as it maintains proper records regarding surgery. Also, Netra provides provisions for finalizing the surgery schedule and can be effectively sent to the ward for the next day’s surgery. Management is very satisfied with getting various counseling reports about the number of counseling per day, how many counseling get converted to surgery, and so on.

Eye Hospital Ward & Operation Theatre module 

Ward and OT person feel software has much benefit in their work. The receipt and issue of IOL can be effectively managed through Netra software. When the surgery gets finalized by the counselor it is shown as expected patients in the OT list with every detail. This helps the ward person to prepare OT in advance for next-day surgeries. The burden of report preparation is also reduced through available MIS modules.

Laboratory module for eye care hospital software

In the Laboratory, lab bill generation, cash settlement, and lab results were done in the laboratory itself, but by the process improvement bill generation and cash settlement are made centralized in the reception cash counter and only lab results are issued through the laboratory. This saved a lot of time for lab staff which they could use for completing other work. These are some of the Ophthalmology EHR software case studies

Eye hospital & clinic branch data synchronization

There are 2 branches connected with the eye hospital core branch and branch synchronization, which helps in the easy processing of branch patients. Also this helps in the easy accessibility and availability of EMR data regarding branch patients. If any changes are made in main branch modules it gets updated in the sub-branch through branch synchronization.

Ophthalmology EMR software for practice management

Management most benefits from the availability of all kinds of reports concerning the hospital so that it provides accurate information for informed decision-making at the right time. All concerns regarding material management are solved as it got shifted to the correct material management process through Netra eye care hospital software.

Netra - Ophthalmology software for eye clinics in Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique

Call us to know more about the Best eye hospital Ophthalmology EMR software and eye hospital management solutions for Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana in Africa regions. Ophthalmology emr software free download version do not provide support or technology upgrades, so its best to buy a proven software from a vendor like Netra. Read about EMR adoption strategies

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