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Sekhar eye hospital Bengaluru ; Netra ophthalmology eye hospital management software

Eye Hospital, Opthalmology EMR software in Bengaluru

Netra Ophthalmology EMR software in Bengaluru is being used by Sekhar eye hospital for nearly a decade now.

  • Year established: 1999
  • No.of beds: 35
  • Specialties: Shekar Eye Hospital – Super Speciality Eye Hospital
  • Location: Jayanagar, Bengaluru, India

Sekhar Eye Hospital Bengaluru uses Netra Ophthalmology EMR software

1. Why did you choose Netra Ophthalmology EMR software for Shekar Eye Hospital?

We had tried three software providers in Bengaluru and were not happy with the post-sales service. We were looking for someone who can bring value through robust and proven software into our practice. We came across Software Associates India through the web. We reached them and the initial interactions were good. Still, we wanted to make sure and we made a trip to their head office to interact with their founders and managers, to interact with the Helpdesk and training team members.

2. Please explain the evaluation process you took

We also interacted with their clients, and end-users and also found their emphasis on quality products. Super post-installation and support and above all extremely good work ethics. They were our obvious choice.

3. Netra eye hospital management system from Software Associates is different.

  • Good Domain knowledge
  • An excellent and well-trained team
  • A quick grasp of the subject
  • The last time that a client needs to spend to communicate with them
  • Their domain knowledge in the healthcare sector is unmatched
  • Clear Communications
  • Provided us with full training for the ophthalmology software for eye clinics
  • Delivery of products on time and as required
  • We hear “yes” from them more times than from our earlier service providers.

4. Immediate benefits of installing Netra ophthalmology software for eye clinics

  • An excellent system of patient management
  • Predictable work despite staff rotations
  • Patient waiting time has been reduced
  • Appointment system streamlined
  • Communication gaps in the conventional system are fully eliminated

5. Administrative Benefits: Too good. I feel to have good control of the situation.

  • Operating expenses: Hope to cut them down by 20 to 40%. It is early to comment now.
  • Accurate billing: A great benefit.
  • Lower Inventory: It may take 2 to 4 months.
  • Pilferage control: Yes. We have done it 100%. Peace of mind.
  • Monitoring: Very important benefit. While away, I feel comfortable as my organization can be monitored easily through the net, and SMS.
  • Long-term planning: The statistics and success and failure of our various projects can be monitored through analysis and reports. Helps in long-term planning.

6. Patient Satisfaction

It has created a ‘wow’ effect. They feel that they are being pampered after implementing the patient flow management system. The document management system allows easy access to past visit records, integrated into the ophthalmology software for eye clinics.

7. Management Benefits

Happy patients, happy employees, and a silent but fiercely competent Netra as the nerve of all this is truly an asset for management. Management gets all the important inputs from the data and can implement its vision through a systematic HIS.

8. Doctor Benefits

Patient data management, analysis of patient patterns, disease statistics, patient time monitoring, and doctor efficiency monitoring. In brief, within seconds to minutes, we get data at our desktop.

9. Organization perception

An excellent decision of choosing Netra ophthalmology EMR software. They delivered beyond our expectations.

10. Which departments most benefited

Nearly all departments.

11. Which departments are least benefited

We cannot think of any.

12. What would be approximate overall cost savings on using Netra in your organization

It is a little early to comment on this now. Maybe after six months.

13. How much management time is saved every day

Yes, approximately 60 – 70%. We could not believe ourselves. It is simply peace of mind.

Why not when Software Associates can design something which can do so well !!

Netra - Ophthalmology EMR software for eye clinics in Bengaluru

Netra is a ready-to-deploy ophthalmology software for eye clinics, with over 100 installations across India, Africa, and Asia Pacific regions. The hospital software in Bengaluru provides 360-degree coverage, touching upon all aspects of patient engagement in an eye care unit.

Netra Opthalmology EPR software for hospitals & clinics in Bengaluru

Shekar Eye Hospital,  Bengaluru is powered by a Linux server

Dr. Y L Rajashekar, Managing Director, Bengaluru

Member – All India Ophthalmological Society. Koscon, Bengaluru

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