Netra 2.0 Ophthalmology EMR. Opthalmology practice management software

Delivering a positive patient experience

A proven, ready-to-deploy solution for eye clinics. Netra 2.0 lite ophthalmology practice management software. Browser-based solutions simplify patient onboarding, reduced wait times, and enhance the overall patient experience. Netra is among the best ophthalmology practice management software in India.

Also providing the best Practice Management Software with integrated Ophthalmology EMR, 100+ satisfied customers across Cameroon, Myanmar & India.

Netra Ophthalmology practice management software on cloud

Ophthalmology clinic front office management
  • Times slot based Appointment system
  • Patient schemes
  • Fast track registration
  • Doctors’ duty schedule (consultation time, break, leave, etc)
  • Patient inquiry & patient history
  • Billing – OP Procedure, consultation, Others
  • Doctors queue – Automatic patient allotments
  • Referral doctor management

Ophthalmology clinic software India

  • Patient Waiting alerts
  • Touch screen compatible entry module
  • Patient history
  • Medical Records Access
  • Examination
  • AR/NCT/Lenso meter machines interface
  • Patient Remarks

Secretary Desk

  • Patient waiting alerts
  • Doctors – queue management
  • Dilatation alerts
  • Patient remarks

Post & Pre OT (Ward Management)

  • Finalized OT list
  • Admission
  • Consent form
  • Eye care management checklists
  • Send the patient to OT
  • Discharge
  • Post-OT follow-up schedule

Netra Ophthalmology practice management software on cloud

How do you value an ophthalmology practice? How to reduce practice management challenges. What are the subspecialties in ophthalmology? How long does it take to become an ophthalmologist in African countries? Some of these questions can be answered by using Netra 2.0 eye clinic software. Time for your clinical practice to adopt digital solutions to enhance the patient experience & cost advantages on account of your improved internal efficiency. Software as a Service (SaaS) solution with secure patient data, helps improve revenue cycle management and efficient medical billing.

Eye clinic & doctors Desk

  • Patient waiting alerts
  • Patient history
  • Patient remarks
  • Appointments & alerts
  • Procedure advice
  • Surgery advice
  • Examination
  • Medicine prescription
  • Optical prescription
  • Patient reports
  • Doctor performance dashboard
  • Schedule management
  • Medical records
  • Cross consultation advice
  • Transfer the patient to another doctor
  • send for Re-refraction send of Dilatation

Eye Clinic Counselor Desk

  • List of doctor-advised patients (OP Procedures)
  • List of doctor-advised patients (Surgeries)
  • Patient schedule – op procedure/surgery
  • Patient follow-up OT List
  • OT Schedule management (postpone, cancel etc)
  • Patient types – Insurance/corporate/Govt./General
  • Patient Insurance data
  • Performance dashboard

Ophthalmology EMR software for eye clinics

  • Finalized OT List
  • Surgery start and end time
  • Surgery events
  • Assistants on duty
  • Anesthetists and type
  • IOL Matching & Acceptance
  • Send the patient back to the medical ward
  • Inventory management

Ophthalmology practice management billing

  • Auto billing as per packages chosen by counselors
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Credit bills
  • Insurance co-pay & self
  • Customized bill print (for insurance companies)
  • Discharge summary
  • Surgery advance
  • Patient dues
  • IOL Allotment
  • Due settlements

Ophthalmology EMR software

  • Medical records scanning
  • Barcoded sheet – automatic scanning
  • Patient History
  • Patient queue
  • Inquiry

Opthalmology clinic pharmacy management

  • Prescription from doctors
  • Sale bill
  • Sales returns
  • Re-order level alerts
  • Stock movement reports

Optometry inventory management

  • Frame purchase
  • Barcoding facility
  • Prescription from doctors
  • Customer Orders
  • Lens fitting
  • Fitting charges
  • Counter sale
  • Order delivery
  • Sunglasses/contact lens
  • Purchase returns

Purchase & Stores management

  • Material requisition from departments
  • Purchase requisition
  • Purchase order
  • GRN
  • Stock Transfer/consumable issue
  • Purchase returns
  • Supplier payment settlements
  • Re-order level alerts
  • Stock inventory movement reports

Ophthalmology clinic & MIS module

  • Daily hospital MIS
  • Graphical view of the dashboard
  • OP/OT statistics
  • Patient wait time analysis (Dilated & non-dilated)

SMS & Email Service for ophthalmology clinics

  • Scheduled SMS service for patients and management
  • Event-based SMS services (booking, dues, schedules, referrals, etc)

Netra 2.0 Eye hospital optometry, Best Ophthalmology practice management software

Ophthalmology EMR software India

The solutions can be deployed on cloud, or on-premise servers in the case of the hub and spoke ophthalmic clinics with head offices and branches to ensure centralized inventory, roaming patient id, control over cash collections, centralized purchases, and administration.
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