Hospital outpatient EMR System

Vikas 2.0 - Inpatient medical records, outpatient EMR software, EMR solutions and outpatient EMR system IndiaInpatient medical records

Inpatient medical records solutions & outpatient EMR software – As time goes on, paper-based patient records are becoming a thing of the past. Electronic Medical Records software (EMR) are being adopted at an ever-increasing rate by healthcare providers around the globe. This is due to the potential of the out-patient EMR system to improve service quality and cost-efficiency.

Vikas 2.0 Cloud HMS has been already providing robust browser-based inpatient EMR solutions to various clients for these many years. The solution is accepted and well recognized by renowned doctors across India, Kenya, Zambia and other countries. Recently, in our discussions with various hospital officials and industry analysts, we found inpatient management as one of the major pain areas for various hospitals. Understanding this, through a customer-driven product engineering methodology we developed a full-fledged Vikas 2.0 inpatient EMR software.

Inpatient electronic medical records software / outpatient EMR software

Inpatient electronic medical records software

The system automates the inpatient surgical workflows performed by doctors and nursing staff. The technology incorporates integrated clinical practice support tools for enhanced patient safety and outcomes. The browser version of Vikas 2.0 inpatient EMR system can be accessed anywhere, anytime by the entire care team.

How do Vikas 2.0 in-patient EMR solutions help Doctors & Nurses in Inpatient Management?

Doctors can record patient findings each day & give online medication orders

  • Doctors can view patient lab results and radiology reports with one click
  • Systemized patient follow-up alerts to nursing staff as per doctor instructions
  • Nurses can record details on bed-side procedures in real-time
  • Patient vitals & statistics such as BP, pulse, respiration, temperature, BMI, blood sugar reading & SPO2
  • Emergency notification in case patient vitals exceed standard limits or if there are any abnormalities
  • Prescribe lab tests, investigations and the data is updated in real-time in respective departments
  • 24 hour wise & shift wise patient intake & output measurements
  • Monitor & track narcotic drug consumption per patient
  • Graphical chart histories on TPR, insulin, BP & SPO2
  • Record initial assessment details such as vitals, medical & family history, risk & nutritional assessment
  • Online formats ICU critical care sheets

Outpatient medical records for hospitals to enhance patient experience & safety

Vikas 2.0 inpatient management software with EMR solutions visualizes all IP wards in a single dashboard and captures multiple inpatient parameters based on NABH standards. Old IP records can be seamlessly integrated with the Vikas 2.0 IP EMR system and online IP records are available in easy printable formats. Secure browser software with modern health information technology to meet the demands of hospital electronic health records.

We believe outpatient Medical Records are the way forward in effectively managing both inpatients & outpatients. Vikas 2.0 IP EMR system supports physicians and nurses by providing them with precise data in the clearest format, enabling them to focus on the quick and correct execution of their responsibilities. Asset tracking in hospitals helps improve the patient experience.

So why wait? Contact our experts for more info on Vikas’s inpatient management software, inpatient EMR solutions, and outpatient EMR system.