Patient experience management

Vikas 2.0 Hospital ERP software India
Creating positive experiences !!

The majority of medium-sized family-owned hospitals and growing specialty hospitals are in no position to provide advanced information regarding patient waiting times. This results in decreased patient satisfaction, despite providing excellent medical treatment.

Healthcare Patient experience management

The hospital outpatient registration module of Vikas 2.0 hospital ERP software allows for improving patient experience.  Managing departments, schedules, and consulting doctors in order to reduce patient wait time at outpatient clinics. Read about hospital process management.

  • Assists in front desk telephonic booking
  • Assign starting token numbers to handle emergency cases
  • Barcoding of out-patient numbers for easy file access
  • Integration with the medical records department
  • Searching on various parameters in case the patient forgets the id card
  • Block the booking of a doctor when she is out of the station
  • The separate token numbering system for morning and evening shifts
  • Collection of booking fee at the time of booking or registration.
  • Beacons for  patient tracking and surgical workflow management
  • Patient waiting times matrix and department analytics
  • Providing doctors with appointment updates on Android Smartphones and iPad tablets
  • Integration with digital signage systems for hospital out-patient communication
  • Self-service web booking with token allotment
  • Integration with Digital signage for patient communication
  • Integration with EMR and MRD modules
  • Asset tracking in hospitals can help reduce patient waiting times