HMS patient Portal software trends

HMS patient portal – Vikas 2.0 hospital management patient portal software can be integrated with any existing HMS / HIS software products using a secure open API interface to provide your customer with a seamless onboarding patient experience and access to laboratory results and appointment schedules online.

The growth of the African patient portal software market is attributed to key driving factors such as are rising number of healthcare facilities adopting the patient portals and increasing demand for Electronic Medical RecordsIn Africa, health professionals have started using patient portal technology in useful and creative ways to facilitate engagement with patients.  Providing online access to laboratory results, patient self scheduling with secure messages for appointment reminders, helping improve patient engagement.

Improving patient experience

Vikas 2.0 hospital management patient portal ; improve patient experience

Utmost, patient-centric care

The HMS patient portal software allows its patients to easily access their medical records through the platform. The portal keeps the hospital’s quality of care top-notch and makes sure all the patients are seen when they need to be seen. The patient portal service succors in streamlining internal processes, ensuring all documentation works are prepared before the patient arrives at the hospital.

Individual care

Since our online patient portal is fully patient-oriented, limited to their own access, ensuring privacy and reduces hardships, it makes them feel more special and being offered customized care. This individual care brings trust, loyalty, and reliability to the hospital.

Reduces work stress

Leaving certain preliminary tasks like registrations, appointments, lab results, etc. to the patients’ hands themselves, eliminates such workloads to the workforce. This gives a chance for the workforce to work on more productive tasks and increases efficiency, which also reduces work stress.

Smooth patient experience

With our HMS patient portal, hospitals are able to significantly reduce the wait time for new appointments. As per our study, the system reduced the appointment waiting time by 50% for non-urgent visits. While spending a long time in a hospital has been a big concern for patients, this experience shifts their perception to a positive tone.

Good word of mouth

None of the advertisements can add value to a hospital other than a positive word of mouth from previously engaged patients. Their feedback and reviews influence a sea of new patients. Thus, our fully patient-oriented patient portal would surely bring good prospects to your hospital.


Competitive Advantage with hospital management patient portal

Vikas hospital ERP & patient portal software for online appointments, patient onboarding

Hasslefree doctor appointments

The HMS patient portal undoubtedly became a valued addition when It gives patients 24-hour access to the front desk to make any kind of appointment. Patients can book appointments from anywhere at any time in a matter of time with their specialist doctors as per convenience. It also provides physicians to maintain control over their consultation schedule beforehand.

Great focus on patient care

One of the major diversions in physicians’ time nowadays is the ability to readily access and exchange patient information online. You may focus completely on providing a better level of care, which is why you became a doctor in the first place, rather than on locating what you need in the patient’s record or figuring out how to get those records to the physician.

Streamline onboarding process

The online hospital management patient portal paves a way to experience a smooth, hassle-less charting system of patients during their entry. They are just expected to do the necessary preliminary registrations in the portal before their arrival. This provides a lot of good outcomes.

Cost savings with hospital management portal software

Vikas - Hospital ERP solutions for cost savings

Effective resource management

Usage of the online patient portal decreases manual labor in the administrative areas. Thus it puts an end to the underutilization of the workforce. Also, it optimizes staffing in each department and increases staff efficiency. 

Reduce Operational costs

The online patient portal is a full self-administered system that advances the hospital’s daily operations, which eliminates hidden operational costs consummated by the physical administration tasks. An African-based study says that the total cost savings would be $89.73 per patient for a three-year period.

Integrated & Cloud-based information system

In African health markets, most of the providers offer standalone HMS patient portal services, while our product is an integrated patient portal. It has connectivity to every department and branch of the hospital. Also, we offer cloud-based delivery, not web-based. This provides leverage of operating in both offline & online network modes. 

No more paper pen registers

Our hospital management patient portal aims to transform the entire hospital operation into a digital phase. It starts with replacing the paper pen method in the administration process; thus offering more precision and flawless service. 

Error Reduction in laboratory with HMS patient portal

Vikas Hospital ERP | HMS Patient portal software

OHSC compliance

Considering many healthcare organizations’ concerns about OHSC compliance and patient identity security, our secure patient portal can be accessed only by authorized personnel (admin) and the patient himself. 

Ensure health protocols

Since physical distancing has been the new normal in African countries, it is important for African hospitals to follow necessary protocols by regulating patient flow. Our patient portal eliminates the patient traffic at the front desk area and unnecessary queues. Thus, the risk is being prevented.

Patient care journey

It is very important for doctors to get well-detailed knowledge of patients’ health ailments. From the previous visits, our patient portal along with EMR software, stores every single detail of the patient’s treatment journey. It gives the understanding of a patient’s health journey from beginning to end in a single platform.

Treatment & discharge summary reports

The hospital management patient portal summarizes the entire stay of patients starting from their administration, drugs used, treatment to discharge. This clearly magnifies the patient’s health ailments to the physician well before their arrival in the forthcoming visits.

Increase revenues using hospital management patient portal software

Vikas ERP for hospitals ; revenue generation models

Mobile friendly

In Africa, the number of users who access the internet with a mobile device exceeded the number who use a PC to gain access. Hence we designed our patient portal to be mobile-friendly, which increases its adoption rate among African patients. 

Efficiency gains in physician workload

Usage of the online patient portal greatly reduces the consultation time taken by a physician to treat an individual patient. A study says that an average physician with this time advancement can consult 30 more patients in a year.

Large Volume of daily calls 

The main hindrance faced by African hospital front desks is answering the large volume of daily query calls. Now, patients can use the portal to accomplish tasks like appointment booking, lab results, etc that would require phone calls. This can help the clinical workforce to focus on some other efficient tasks. Portal, in an average hospital, reduces call volumes by 19% per year.

Reduced Front office queues

Patients’ waiting time at the front office is another major concern shown by African hospitals. It gives an unpleasant experience to all the stakeholders. This issue can be resolved by offering a patient portal to the hands of patients, which reduces office visits by 14% annually.

Increased pharmacy sales

Our online hospital patient portal software has a dedicated module for the online buying of medicines, kits, and other medical needs. This induces the purchase intention, increases the purchase conversion rate and so the online sales of pharmacy.

Improved onboarding experience flow with patient portal 

Generally, in hospitals across Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana & Cameroon, patients spend more time boarding compared to the actual consultation time. The online patient portal software reduces time spillage between every subsequent patient visit. It also eradicates the front desk waiting time. Overall, it reduces patients spending time for every visit by 30-40%.