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Online Patient Portal for self-service

The online patient portal software functions translate to an improved experience for the patient and their dependents, besides reducing the workload of the front and back-office staff at different locations. We have adopted new concepts to proactively provide information such as train and bus timings, weather conditions, etc on the dates of checking for doctor and service availability, scheduling of appointments, laboratory specimen pickup etc.

Vikas 2.0 - Cloud HMS, patient login online hospital software

Patient Login hospital portal solutions

As developing countries adopt the digital infrastructure for public services such as e-governance and electronic banking, it is imperative for hospitals to think of a digital transformation in the post pandemic era. Telemedicine, patient scheduling, eCommerce, workflow monitoring – more about adopting a strategy – on-demand – self-service –  resource optimization –  differentiation – patient experience – digital documentation.

Online Patient portal – Enhancing patient experience & safety – online consultation

For example, using a patient portal login in hospital ERP, one can now inquire about the availability of a doctor for online consultation or a service such as health checkups or blood tests online. These self-service technologies help the patient,  make searches anytime, arrive at the hospital during specific timings and take appointments to avoid queue hassles, and ensure safe distancing and cash transactions. Subsequently, the test results can be accessed using their personal devices such as smartphones or iPhones, or Windows 10 tablet devices.

Request prescription refills to manage results

The digital convenience provides adequate planning opportunities for hospitals to manage peak hours and is further complimented through the functions of search engine tools so that prospective populations can have access to hospital resource availability online. Besides helping the hospitals get the right visibility in the local search on google and bing. Hospital patient portal to enhance the patient experience

We provide robust, secure & ready deploy, integrated smart hospital ERP software solutions, workflow, asset tracking, patient engagement, and online consultation software solutions.

Best Patient portal software for appointment scheduling

The patient appointment scheduling solutions for specialty multi-location hospitals and eye care clinics and ophthalmology hospitals are deployed using best-in-class technologies used by corporations and non/governmental agencies worldwide, known for their ease of maintenance, security, and high volume transaction handling.

Our online consultation module for hospital management software is bringing visible changes to corporate hospitals and an eyecare hospital chain user base spread across Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Somalia, Maldives, Myanmar, and 18 Indian states.

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