Reducing patient waiting times

Netra 2.0 Software solutions for improving outpatient experience. Real time outpatient tracking system for hospitals

Realtime outpatient tracking systems can be deployed to reduce patient waiting times and can save lives, besides enhancing patient experience. To utilize the hospital staff effectively, tracking their location and working hours is very important. The presence of emergency department Doctors, nurses, and other staff needs to be monitored on a real-time basis to ensure resource availability – (beds, portable equipment such as wheelchairs, stretchers, ECG machines, and department personnel), especially in critical care, surgical, casualty, and emergency departments using Realtime asset tracking & RTLS solutions

Cloud clinic HMS software India

Netra 2.0 lite Cloud HMS. AIOC 2023 Kochi. Ophthalmology clinic management software for reducing patient waiting times

Dec 2023 – Cloud hospital software in Bengaluru, adding new customers in the garden city over the last 10 years.

Nov 2023 – Vedagram goes live with Vikas 2.0 lite on cloud

Oct 2023 – Webinar on patient experience management for Vikas 2.0 and Netra 2.0

Sept 2023 – Netra 2.0 Pan India, East Africa – Webinar on “MIS dashboard for improving patient experience in eye hospitals”

Sept 2023 – A well-attended Vikas 2.0 Webinar on “Electronic Medical Records and Patient Safety”

Sept 2023 – Hospital inventory management systems for automated stocktake and cycle counting

Sept 2023 – Smart Asset Management in hospitals can reduce equipment maintenance costs, improve patient safety

Aug 2023 – Vikas 2.0 Hospital ERP software goes live at a specialty clinic in Pathanamthitta, Kerala

July 2023 – Netra desktop version goes live in Rwanda, Africa, helping reduce patient waiting times.

June 2023 – Neta lite 2.0 goes live in an ophthalmology group practice clinic, in Odisha

May 2023 – AIOC 2023 Kochi. All India ophthalmology society – patient experience management

Jan 2023 –  Netra 2.0 lite and Vikas 2.0 Lite Software As a Service for specialty clinics

Sept 2022 – Patient empathy mapping & saving lives, Medical College Kozhikode

Sept 2022 – Customer empathy mapping for a medical device company (IIM Kozhikode)

May 2022 – Workshop on how to create virtual zones for outpatient tracking in hospitals

Apr 2022 – Patient empathy mapping using Design thinking practices

Apr 2022 – New versions of web modules and core products released

Feb 2022 – Successfully deployed Electronic Medical Records in a few large hospitals

Jan 2022 – LIMS and patient portal module deployment across India.

Aug 2021 – Hospital in the Maldives completes 6 months of online consultation module

Aug 2021 – Leading hospital using Patient portal crosses 45,000 online registrations

Jul 2021 –  Digital hospital modules being deployed across our client based in India

Apr 2021 – Hospital in South Africa deploys Indoor positioning system for patient tracking

Mar 2021 – First client in Botswana for Vikas 2.0 hospital ERP deployment

Feb 2021 – St.Anne’s Zimbabwe deploys Vikas smart hospital software

Feb 2021 – Leading Opthalmology hospital in Pune selects Netra for their multi-center operations

Jan 2021 – Bejan Singh Eye Hospital, Nagercoil goes live with Netra 2.0 Opthalmology EMR

Apr 2020 – Sun Pharma to deploy Netra eye care software solutions at 50 locations.

Realtime Outpatient tracking solutions to measure patient waiting times

Outpatient tracking in clinics can be enabled in case of emergency and ensure they are directed to visit the right department for services, understand queues in various services, and provide emergency support where needed. By defining visual zones in outpatient clinics, we can prevent unauthorized access in restricted zones.

Outpatient queue management

Uncontrolled crowding in the hospital causes headaches for management, besides having an impact on patient experience and safety. Now one can easily monitor the number of patients outside doctors’ cabins, pharmacies, laboratories, etc. If the allowed limit is exceeded, an alert will be sent to the concerned staff for timely interventions.

Reducing patient waiting time in day care surgical departments

Effectively monitoring the outpatient patient waiting times in different surgical departments such as ophthalmology clinics,  orthopedics, and cardiology will help in bring operational insights. Alerts will be sent to central command if a predefined patient procedure exceeds the stipulated time, or in a specific department or area for a patient in departments, which is beyond the standard operating procedures, The hospital Management can take necessary actions which will enhance patient safety & experience significantly, to reduce patient waiting time in the emergency department.

Clinic housekeeping monitoring

Ensure housekeeping staff is visiting areas to be cleaned on time using facilities management  / Indoor tracking systems. Monitor the complete movement of staff throughout the premise to know unauthorized entry to unassigned departments. A well-managed housekeeping and preventive maintenance tracking system will enhance the patient experience as well.

Reduce theft and equipment misuse in ophthalmology clinics

Using antitheft movement hospital equipment tags, theft can be reduced to a great extent. Whenever a theft attempt occurs, accelerometer triggers and alerts will be generated immediately. This will help management to reduce theft and take necessary actions for the hospital security and operations team.

Realtime asset tracking to reduce patient waiting times

Outside of clinical medicine, the use of remote shared service delivery has rapidly increased— eg, in education, where instructors with no prior online teaching experience have been quick to transition. Implementing Kanban in hospitals

Technology firms can facilitate the adoption of virtual SMAs by enhancing features around privacy and monitoring. The success of telehealth is already apparent in the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking ahead, both providers and patients must adjust their expectations and embrace remote shared care – The Lancelet

Vikas 2.0 - patient booking software Hospital patient scheduling software demo at AIOC 2024Patient Portal for clinics
Patient appointment scheduling software with a chatbot allows quick interaction for all stakeholders to communicate on a secure web platform.

Vikas In patient electronic medical records Kenya, Nigeria, RwandaElectronic Medical Records
Electronic Medical Records for in-patient management. Empower doctors and nursing stations with tablet devices to access patient information on the move.

Vikas 2.0 - Out patient Electronic medical records software in India, Tanzania, ZimbabweOutpatient EMR for clinics
Improve productivity of out-patient departments, and ensure higher patient wallet share through coordinated efforts with other departments. Prescription printing and remote access to results.

Vikas 2.0 - IOT in hospitals, patient workflow management, hospital indoor positioning systemsReal-time asset tracking
Enable surgical workflow matrices. Deploy indoor positioning systems to measure operation theatre performance, patient wait time matrices, repair & hospital preventive maintenance activities.

Vikas Indoor air quality + ventilation solutions for hospitals Ghana, CameroonTemperature and humidity monitoring
COVID-19 spread can happen through poor ventilation in laboratories.RTLS solution for hospitals. Modules to regularly monitor IAQ, cold chain, humidity, pressure, and intruder detection.

Vikas 2.0 - IOT in hospitals, indoor positioning systems, asset tracking in hospitalsWorkplace safety, productivity
Touchless attendance, lone worker safety tracking to improve workplace safety. Integrate with existing payroll systems for alerts on working hours, health aspects, access permissions etc.

Realtime outpatient tracking for clinical workflow

Webinar schedules

The need for digital transformation in African hospitals

  • Real-time asset tracking for improved workplace safety
  • Healthcare workflow monitoring to improve staff productivity
  • Track nursing rounds in medical wards and rooms. Availability of nurses in critical zones.
  • Ensuring preventive maintenance, inspections, and repairs effectively
  • Tracking patient medical rounds, housekeeping activities
  • Improving resource utilization in hospitals – hospital software modules
  • Improve hospital process automation, Integrate with existing HMS solutions
  • Hospital Indoor positioning systems for Asset tracking to prevent theft & abuse of equipment
  • Implementing Blue Ocean strategy examples for hospitals in Africa, India
  • Ophthalmology group practice and outpatient management (AIOC 2024)

Target audience – Hospital CEO,  administrators, facility managers, maintenance engineers, Medical Superintendent, Nursing Superintendent & Human resources at AIOC All India Ophthalmology society conference.