What is the need for Hospital software maintenance?

Hospital software monitoring and upgrades

This week, team Vikas are very excited because all of us are involved in a major exercise of conducting preventive maintenance camps for clients who have completed 6 months of Vikas usage; investigating user permissions, audit logs, inventories levels, etc, based on a smart checklist to compile data online with the help of the hospital point of contact.

Hospital Software Maintenance – A Vitality Test for Hospitals

For what we stand, Vikas smart hospital ERP software commits a cost-effective hospital solution to its clients. Along with our features in the ERP, we ensure that the hospital money is safely handled and accounted for, processes are at par with the industry standards, and check for any susceptible data flow. Henceforth, SA-Vikas is conducting this software preventive maintenance exercise for our hospital clients. Preventive maintenance (henceforth referred to as PM) is a periodic check on the vital non-clinical operations of the hospital.

Why is hospital software maintenance important?

For every non-clinical department, there is a preset process flow and its related currency flow which are determined at the time of hospital inception and later varying according to user convenience or management decisions. With these variations included, some information is vital for every department. For example the daybook entries and in the accounts department, stock-taking in stores and hospital pharmacy, billing and cancellation, etc. To generalize, we focus on those areas where the hospital software is directly or indirectly involved and hence verify if the entries are done accordingly and the healthcare software is tapped for its benefits.

What are its benefits?

PM checks for symptoms rather than a detailed diagnosis. Its benefits:

  • Single page report covering all the key department information
  • Highlight only facts and figures
  • Helps in first-hand decision making
  • Tracks the areas of improvements
  • Suggestions for improvements
Is it different from data analytics?

Yes. PM is a vitality test while data analysis is a detailed diagnosis. PM can be an index to the areas which require a detailed diagnosis. Data analytics involve detailed data collection, complex tools, and analytics specialists. It is delivered on request from the clients. Call us to know about hospital software maintenance, warranty, upgrades and data conversion plans.

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