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up-lifting the Healthcare Industry – Realtime hospital asset tracking

Realtime hospital asset tracking technology is an evolving process that has no end but only modifications. Talking about Bluetooth mesh solution for hospital management, which is a wonder in the industry of health and sciences. A wireless mesh network collects the information from the reader via an electronic tag shaped like a beacon. This is a form of wireless communication that easily identifies any object attached to this electronic tag to implement Realtime hospital asset inventory management

Radio-Frequency Identification

Realtime hospital asset tracking has made processing,  indoor tracking, and management 10x times simpler and more accurate than before. The handling of information, online data storage, inventory update, staff, and patient management was never a simple task. It always took long queues, manual data entry, and many papers as the patient’s history or forms to be filled. After installing Realtime asset tracking in hospitals, clinics, labs, or medical centers the quality of care, as well as management, has been improved.

Hospital asset tracking solutions has seen an instant rise in the  industry after a few trials as the accuracy and systematic approach have the potential for optimum use. Stats have shown a drastic change in the quality of care as Bluetooth mesh was introduced. Let’s have a look at how it can benefit the industry:

Mesh network for hospital asset tracking solutions

Bluetooth tags help you in tracking and tracing equipment, medicines, tools, and what not? You can easily locate the equipment, tools, and machinery. Not only finding or locating your equipment you can update the inventory every second. From scrub linen tracking to surgical set tracking or to finding your staff/concerned person, RFID technology can make things simpler.

Realtime asset tracking solution for hospital – Staff & Patient Management

RFID tags provide the best of technology by keeping the online record of your staff as well as patients. There is no need to wait in a long queue; you can fill your data online and easily update the record within a few taps. Bluetooth mesh technology is safest for the identification of patients, getting their history, online reports, and previous medications in no time.

Security and Storage using Wireless mesh technology in healthcare

It stores your data, records history, and recent entries without any error giving you a fair chance of a smooth error-free experience. It saves time and money as the accuracy of the system keeps your information updated and previous data stored. Moreover, it has a strong network to keep your confidential and private information safe and secure.

Asset Inventory management

Bluetooth tags allow you to keep the status of inventory updated. You can put in the numbers, it instantly saves your data until any medicine, drug, tool, or even a scrub is taken out. There is no need to memorize those long codes now because RFID automatically updates the data and provides you with the recent numbers. Medicinal and pharmaceutical tracking has given the system a new life. Handling surgical set tracking, linen tracking, patient history, and staff information is not a big deal now.

Temperature Sensitive medicines

An interesting feature of the Bluetooth tag is that it enables you to track the atmospheric requirement of medicines. If any drug requires heat or to be stored in a cold place. This tag helps you to keep the drug according to its required temperature. To manage this sensitivity, cold chains in hospitals are benefited from these tags and save the supply chain.

A few drawbacks as it takes high electrical power, continuous internet connection, and time-to-time battery replacement. But as it has a great impact on the industry soon it is expected to be replaced by smartphones. A modified version of RFID will be introduced within apps for better implementation.

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