Secure ERP for hospitals

Secure ERP for hospitals, web security, GDPR compliance
Secure hospital management software

Why need a secure ERP for hospitals? An overwhelming number of hospitals have gone through undetected fraud by a manager or someone handling inventory or cash, or an online hacker, resulting in long-term losses to the management.

Secure ERP for hospitals

Security is central to any hospital information system. Vikas 2.0 Hospital Management System has multiple layers of web security and audit controls to ensure that the assets of your hospital are well protected from unwanted people and unauthorized access to your data.

The module allows clients to easily configure the system to suit most of the requirements of the ERP for hospitals without the need to perform any programming.

  • Voucher approval limit for supervisors
  • Recording of workstations and menu activities
  • 24 x 7 vigil on hospital data security
  • login attempts recorded to trace users
  • Change log maintained for financial transactions
  • Administrator billing correction and cancellation log
  • Periodic password change reminders
  • Automatic system idle locking
  • System access log
  • Transaction monitoring and load balancing
  • Online database backup and mirroring
  • Dual server data synchronization
  • Database optimization and index balancing
  • Fault-tolerant database replication for disaster recovery
  • System diagnostic tool for common operational errors
  • MAC ID protection for Android mobile devices
  • Ip address binding for workstations
  • Critical activity alerts by SMS
  • GDPR compliance in Hospital Management Software
  • Access to user log on Android tablet devices
  • User lockout and release
  • Intruder detection for unauthorized entry to EDP room
  • Realtime monitoring of server temperature

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