Process efficiency & cost reduction with smart clinic software

Very responsible and professional implementation. I am a very happy and satisfied customer of Software Associates - Vikas 2.0 lite smart clinic software
Mr. Harikrishnan MD
S N Trust Medical Mission Hospital, Kollam

Is Vikas 2.0 lite time tested ?

  • Proven smart clinic software with on-time installation and online training
  • Vikas 2.0 lite has proven its mettle with 150+ clients across Kenya, Maldives, Botswana, Cameroon, Rwanda & Somalia
  • Dedicated cloud HMS hosting smart clinic software
  • Complete data privacy and security for patient management
  • Allows employees to use work-from-home features
  • Capturing the best practices of hospitals of this scale and size.
  • Integrated modules for charity, cooperative hospitals
  • COHSASA, ISO, NABH, and GST-ready solutions
  • Online hospital management system website for lab results, appointments
  • Excellent help desk and implementation
  • Handles different types of patient management systems
  • Hospital management software free support centers in India, Africa

Smart clinic software for patient management

Looking for small clinical software to improve patient management ? There is no better opportunity to streamline your hospital finances, optimize inventory, and improve patient engagement. thanks to the digital initiatives by the government for transparency and accountability. One of the few Africa marker-ready small hospital software solutions that provide a demonstrated Return On Investment and hospital cost savings; which means you reap the benefits of implementing Vikas 2.0 lite small hospital software in under 6 months !!

How can I identify the right small hospital management software solution? The case study is being showcased at various forums such as the Indian Institute of Management, NASSCOM forums, etc. The operational challenges of hospitals multiply each year with changes in patient expectations, government policies, and the increase in competition. It becomes tough for hospital owners to free themselves from operational hassles and focus on growth strategies.

Vikas 2.0 lite is a smart software solution that addresses key operational challenges of ENT, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology, Orthopaedic, and other specialties; streamlines various departments, and provides you with the insights required for decisions. With a robust pharmacy module in the hospital management system. hospital management system free download of report formats for users under warranty and maintenance contract.

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Which is the best clinic management software? Vikas 2.0 lite solution will enable you to effectively use all your resources – financial, human, information, and materials for providing a consistent patient experience and healthier operations. Go live in 7 days !! Teja provides options to integrate into LIMS, Online Patient Portal, Telemedicine, mPesa & Razorpay interface for cashless operations control, EMR on Windows 10 tablets, for patient experience, etc. Our products come with a 30-day no-nonsense money-back offer !!

Benefits of Vikas 2.0 lite - smart clinic software

  • Senior management time savings
  • Manage and control fund pilferage
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Hospital business process improvement
  • Hospital Administrative time savings
  • Helps in Tax planning and savings
  • Facilitates Higher department collection
  • Quicker Insurance claims processing
  • Improve Patient discharge process
  • Enhancing Employee engagement
  • Improving laboratory efficiency
  • Lower breakdown for equipment
  • LIMS integration with online results
  • Reduced pharmacy inventory levels
  • Higher room utilisation
  • Digital medical records
  • Efficiency in billing
  • Effective marketing

Benefits of Small hospital management system

Vikas 2.0 lite small hospital ERP software for the Africa region (Kenya, Somalia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon & Botswana, Malawi) is bundled with 1 month of comprehensive online training and implementation schedules. Handholding small hospitals have been an integral part of our experienced Teja team, as we see that many healthcare ERP implementations fail due to various reasons. We offer Digital, smart hospital solutions for you to get restarted.

Small hospital management software - MIS module on the web

Smart clinic software & key features

Innovative technologies such as RTLS solutions that help in monitoring usage of Oxygen, Syringe pumps, touchless attendance to monitor the movement of hospital staff, improve staff productivity, wait time measurement for positive patient experience, online consultation software, a patient portal for engagements such as online lab results, appointments, bill payment, LIMS integration and other add on modules for your smart clinic to bring differentiation in improving patient experience.