Benefits of Smart Hospital Management System

Vikas - Smart hospital software with patient experience management, electronic medical recordsOne of the notable points of the smart hospital management system is the growing adoption rate of digital solutions. Every year, more physicians and hospitals are inclined toward adopting such systems globally. This shows the trustability, ease of access, accuracy, and benefits offered by digitization.

Vikas, our smart hospital management system, in the service of transforming hospitals into paperless ones at par with global acceptance, offers a plethora of advanced features such as hospital electronic medical records (EMR), electronic health records (EHR), Laboratory information management system (LIMS), Patient Portal, online consultation and hospital indoor positioning systems. Vikas is a unison platform to aid every aspect of the hospital’s day-to-day operations. Our R&D team developed the software to enable the next-generation digital healthcare services for both patients and hospital stakeholders. Moreover, all these features are integrated with one another for better accessibility, management, and administration.

Vikas smart hospital software caters to over 50,000+ outpatients and 5000+ doctors covering over 300+ hospitals across India and African countries. To give a better picture of the cost savings, risk aversion, competitive edge, and other benefits offered by Vikas, we have provided a framework for our Return On Investment implementation model. This helps you to understand how Vikas adds value to your organization and improves the operational experiences

Cost Savings with smart hospital management system

Vikas - Smart hospital ERP software for cost savingsReduces Operational Cost: – Through automation, employees could focus on more important tasks rather
than focusing upon petty issues like attending patient’s calls to get their basic queries cleared. This way a larger amount of work would be completed within the same amount of time, and costs would be saved on the hiring process as well. With the self service patient portal upto $89.73 per patient could be saved in a span of three years as stated by an African study.

Tracks losses: – You won’t be able to save money if you don’t even know where it is draining off from. The module provides detailed statements of the costs incurred and the areas causing losses along with 100+ Financial management KPIs so as to work upon the areas of improvement and eliminate liabilities.

Effective Resource Management: – Our customers have saved an amount equal to 1.5% of laboratory sales by reduction in kit and reagent wastage. It also monitors laboratory equipment utilisation to keep track of equipment efficiency and see if it’s still an asset or has become a liability. Also, workforce productivity is measured with the people productivity improvement matrices, which helps in identifying who should be given what type of responsibility. Not only that, the pharmacy module prevents lapse of insurance of inventory. 0.25% of the savings on the asset value has been recorded by our user.

Digitization: – Vikas’s fully digitized EMR system advances the hospital’s daily operations, which eliminates hidden operational costs incurred by the maintenance of a physical medical record database. The entire medical history data of a patient can be viewed in a pdf format. Through the annihilation of the pen-paper method, an average mid-sized hospital can save around $240 on monthly stationery purchases. Indoor positioning in hospitals can further help improve efficiencies.

Smart hospital solutions can Increase Revenues

Vikas - Smart hospital ERP software Ethiopia, Somalia

Comprehensive data on patients: – The system generates the patient loyalty index and their spending patterns to know more about your loyal patients, the most important aspect for running any business. The smart hospital management MIS module tracks information in real-time and analyzes it keeping historical data in consideration simultaneously, thus you stay updated about the working of your hospital and patient behaviour in real time. It also helps in knowing peak patient time and helps you allocate resources accordingly, thus enhancing the service delivery process and attracting more patients through excellent service delivery and word of mouth. With the central information and billing system, patient discharge time has significantly reduced, ultimately leading to a 20% increase in bed occupancy rate.

Reduced patient wait time: – Not only does the smart hospital management system identify peak patient hours but also reduces the patient count on the front table to clear out the general queries using the integrated patient portal system, which reduces office visits by 14% annually. The system automates a lot of manual work done earlier at the front desk, thus clears out patients faster. Also, as we know generally, patients feel weary of hospital procedures when they are in need of simple tasks such as prescriptions, lab tests or X-ray requisitions, etc. Our EMR portal has dedicated links for prescription printing, lab tests, and X-ray requisitions. This encourages the patients to avail the services remotely. Thus, the conversion rate of taking prescriptions, pharmacy sales, lab testing, and X-ray tests may surely increase; which eventually brings up revenue.

Interaction with third party labs: – The module provides a provision for third party labs to interact with the internal system thus enhancing partnership with other laboratories and hospitals. It helps in developing trust among the patients thus increasing patient entries.

Know the demand trend: – Plain and simple, the more time and energy a business leader devotes to managing inventory, the better they’ll be able to determine current sales trends. Naturally, this can then inform them how best to proceed in future, and, subsequently, generate more ROI from their orders. So constantly reviewing inventory management choices is key.

Patient Experience with smart hospital software

Vikas - Smart hospital ERP software Cameroon, Ghana

Work From Home: – With the entire system being web-based, and its compatibility with all the major web browsers, operating systems as well as devices, the system gives you the privilege to manage your hospital while sitting at home.

Reduces Workload: – Leaving certain preliminary tasks like registrations, appointments, lab results, etc. to the patients’ hands themselves, eliminates such workloads to the workforce. This gives a chance for the workforce to work on more productive tasks and increases efficiency, which also reduces work stress. The integrated central billing system also reduces the stress of copying figures while transferring account details from one department to another or preparing invoices while a patient is discharged. The hospital MIS module provides data visualization of the information on a real-time basis, thus helping in easy interpretation of data and strategy building by the corporates.

Enhancing Patient experience: – With our online patient portal, hospitals are able to significantly reduce the wait time for new appointments. As per our study, the system reduced the appointment waiting time by 50% for non-urgent visits. In Cameroon, Zambia, Zimbabwe & South Africa, as reported by patients, an average hospital visit takes 120- 180 minutes. However, using EMR in a hospital decreases the visit time by 30-40 minutes (for repeating patients) as their details are already made available in the EMR. While spending a long time in a hospital has been a big concern for patients, this experience shifts their perception to a positive tone. Also, the patient portal allows its patients to easily access their medical records through the platform. The portal keeps the hospital’s quality of care top-notch and makes sure all the patients are seen when they need to be seen.

Raises employee’s Morale: – It’s not only the patients who have to face the poor health care sector but also the hospital staff who are demotivated to work in such conditions. There exists an acute shortage of hospital staff on the continent. According to several types of research, about 1 million hospital staff is needed to be recruited to deliver quality healthcare services to the patients. With Vikas ERP for hospitals, employees need not work on the basic under-skilled jobs. The system would automatically generate purchase orders, and keep a track of inventory and schemes, and offers. Not only that, a one-click purchase order for inventory going below the re-order level would be present as well.

Good word of mouth: – None of the advertisements can add value to a hospital other than a positive word of mouth from previously engaged patients. Their feedback and reviews influence a sea of new patients. Thus, our fully patient-oriented patient portal would surely bring good prospects to your hospital.

Smart hospital management for Competitive Advantage

Vikas - benefits of smart hospital management system India

Real-Time Information: – As we know the pharmaceutical department of any hospital always aspires to achieve a smooth medical distribution system. Using SA-HIS inventory software providers would be able to know what is in their hands on a real time basis. The live tracking of the drug stocks in the store helps the management to keep their inventory in check and proceed with orders when in demand. This entails reduction in cost of holding stocks by maintaining just enough inventories, in the right place and the right time and cost to make the right amount of needed products. Also, The hospital MIS module monitors information in real time which is a technology yet to set firm grip in the African market. Thus, the smart hospital management system gives you a first mover advantage when there is lesser competition.

Enhanced patient care and communication: – Adoption of more advanced technologies can easily put your brand before your competitors. With the Online Patient Portal, a patient can book appointments, access their reports, chat with the staff, any time from anywhere. Thus it widens the scope of supplementary services for your hospital.

Customized EMR user interface and tracking for every patient gives them a customized feel that they have individually cared for. Hospitals advanced with Vikas provide such a highness to their patients over other hospitals.

Also, one of the major diversions in physicians’ time nowadays is the ability to readily access and exchange patient information online. You may focus completely on providing a better level of care, which is why you became a doctor in the first place, rather than on locating what you need in the patient’s record or figuring out how to get those records to the physician.

Issuing Medical Insurance: – With the emerging medical insurance issuance culture in Ghana & Cameroon, the module eases the process of Issuing medical insurance policy to patients and also you can view associated bills of patients for record maintenance. The system is also integrated with the TruClaim Insurance Settlement System, providing additional benefits. 

Environment Monitoring: – Working with microorganisms, maintaining temperature quality, humidity control becomes imperative. With the integrated indoor positioning module, temperature, and humidity of the laboratories are monitored all the time. It also monitors the air quality and CO2 levels, thus enhancing environmental sustainability.

Healthcare iot solutions are delivered for smart hospitals

Purchase Estimation: – Forecasting the demand and sales is one of the successful parameters of any entity that may keep it forth from its competitors. Our Vikas inventory module forecasts the pharmacy purchase estimation by analysing the outpatient consulting prescription pattern. This helps the provider to understand the sales pattern and enables pre-stocking, future orders. This eventually reduces the over stocking issue faced by 6 out of 10 hospitals in Africa. It enables the company to quickly and efficiently handle complex orders, with split batches and expiry dates. Using the software, hospitals can increase the fulfillment accuracy from 90% to 99% from their previous systems. This provides a competitive advantage for the providers.

Automation: – One of the biggest issues is the lack of trust among African natives for the laboratory results. The module provides sampling and reporting using auto analyzer interfacing complying with the LIMS protocol. It would enhance service delivery and help build trust among patients giving accurate results. As we know in Africa, the success of the pharmaceutical industry relies on delivering the right medicine, to the right people, at the right time. However, speed is worthless if stock levels and supplies are not maintained. Incorporating the smart hospital management ERP software into operations can help the pharmacies to keep a track of drug stocks. More than this, it can also refill (order) the drug stocks automatically, when they are available under the optimum level. By automating those processes, our inventory management software provides opportunities to create a sustainable competitive advantage and enhance the competitive position of the hospital.

Error Reduction

Vikas smart hospital ERP software Botswana

Reduces human errors: – Every module is integrated with the rest of the system thus yielding accurate data points on the KPIs for efficient hospital management using the integrated hospital data analytics services. It reduces the chances of human calculation and bias errors. The system also synchronizes web EMR data with the pre-registration module thus data can never be lost, unlike physical reports. With the central information system, human errors are eliminated while transferring information within different departments and to the patients while generating invoices using our smart hospital management ERP software.

OHSC compliance: – Considering many healthcare organizations’ concerns about OHSC compliance and patient identity security, our secure patient portal can be accessed only by authorized personnel (admin) and the patient himself.

Compliance with COVID protocols: – The Indoor tracking system ensures staff and patients are following proper distancing norms while standing in queues. Also, our patient portal eliminates the patient traffic at the front desk area and unnecessary queues. Thus, preventing the risk of spreading contagious diseases like COVID.

Medical Records Security: – In 2019, the number of incidents of stealing medical records by breaching the data was 300% increased in South Africa. The incorporation of  EMR in hospitals assures you the security of medical records data with highly secure web access to both patients and administrators.

  • Patients’ OPD numbers can be replaced with barcodes for easy file tracking, security, and fast operations.
  • We also offer a Bluetooth Beacon solution for tracking the patients & medical record files easily. So, the threat of medical record thefts could be eliminated.

ICD-10 Classification: – Our EMR module has built-in knowledge of the International Disease Code classification, 10th revision. It is used to track health care statistics, disease burden, quality outcomes, mortality statistics, and even billing. It properly notes diseases on health records, tracks epidemiological trends, and assists in medical reimbursement decisions. It can also provide specific information about how a healthcare provider approached a medical procedure and what type of medical device was used. Environment Control Check: – Ensuring proper environmental conditions is an important aspect of acclaiming all the major accreditations as well as COHSASA.

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