Improving safety in surgeries

Vikas - Digital twin in healthcare, surgical workflow analysis toolsDeploying surgical workflow analysis tools can seriously improve patient safety, satisfaction & reduce wait time. Apart from ensuring timely nursing rounds, housekeeping, safety compliance, staff productivity, and reduce costs associated with repairs & preventive maintenance. Thanks to digital twin in healthcare, new matrices can the derived from the hospital floor.

Our digital twin in healthcare solutions is based on indoor positioning in healthcare, combined with the power of easy to deploy patient tags,  in order to help hospitals achieve various benefits across their inpatient admission, surgical procedures and operation theatre activities. These offerings can be broadly classified into segments of digital twin examples

Improving surgical workflow using digital twin in healthcare

Digital twins for precision healthcare – Hospitals need solutions also capable of assigning workflows to various staff including emergency care, nursing, housekeeping, and maintenance personnel helping them to adhere to hospital protocols and health standards that are globally accepted. Digital twin in healthcare is the right answer to bring business intelligence to hospital operations management.

Hospital workflow tracking solutionsHow to improve hospital surgical workflow

One major advantage for your hospital would be the improved productivity of your staff, which can ensure by looking into the insights provided by intelligent reports that are generated by the system using indoor positioning analytics. An example of a digital twin in healthcare.

The solution also helps asset tracking in hospitals for ECG machines, portable ventilators, and other such lifesaving equipment and also aids you to optimize its utilization seamlessly throughout different departments of your hospital workflow process & application of digital twin in healthcare

Surgical workflow Use cases in specialty clinics and orthopedic hospitals

Vikas Patient tags, hospital surgical workflow tracking, patient experience management solutions
Alert on patient wait time in departments

Digital twin use case. According to various reports published globally, one major deciding factor concerning patient experience is that of patient wait time. Increased patient waiting time could not only hinder patient goodwill but can also turn out to be fatal in unfortunate cases. Our hospital workflow tracking software is capable of analyzing the indoor location data received using Bluetooth mesh devices and alerting the concerned personnel in case of deviations from standard patient wait times. This also gives your outpatients a feeling of personalized and dedicated treatment hence improving their patient experience at your facility. Read more on patient experience management.

Monitoring environment, protecting life saving medicines

Vikas - Smart hospital solutions - preventive maintenance, patient experience management

Environment parameters like Indoor air quality, temperature, and pressure can now be monitored on a 24×7 basis with the help of our Cold chain traceability modules to keep a well-oiled preventive maintenance plan. Reports from such modules can play a major role in ensuring proper storage conditions of life-saving medicines, organs, and serums. This in turn guarantees reduced spoilage of blood, vaccines, organs, medicines, and other such serums whether it be at your pharmacies, blood banks, or any other storage facilities. Such reports also act as a boon during accreditation inspections revolving around various healthcare regulatory bodies.

Ensuring that hospital housekeeping, maintenance works happen

Hospital preventive maintenance checklist & repair monitoring

What is workflow automation in healthcare? Our digital twin in healthcare modules for the hospital workflow process provide reports on visits made by housekeeping staff helping the management to keep up with health and hospital safety standards within the premises. Movement matrices of staff are also provided by the software which will help notify those in charge, regarding any violations or deviations from the daily routine of the workforce. Alerts & notifications are sent to supervisors in case staff or worker moves into restricted areas of the hospital.

Hospital workflow processes and facilities management

You can also ensure equipment usage by the right personnel and notifications to concerned departments are made if the equipment is being handled by unauthorized personnel. This is done by a unique grouping provision enabled on our platform which enables those in charge to assign user privileges to authorized staff members. Add-on features that enable optimal usage of valuable equipment are also made available on the digital twin in healthcare using a hospital workflow diagram.

Surgical workflow analysis for patient safety

Digital twin in healthcare - Smart hospital solutions from Ripples IOTOur Digital twin in healthcare, smart hospital software solutions have been designed keeping in mind the surgical workflows.  These solutions come with features that help your operation theatre workforce adhere to hospital protocols and standards as they go about their daily routine at the facility. The staff is also provided with identification tags that help map their movement across various zones within the hospital. Our provide the data to analyze this position in order to provide concerned personnel with reports that could help them optimize workforce activities and improve their productivity. For example, one such report generated is the number of visits made by nursing staff to various wards and rooms, with duration records of such visits. 

Operation theatre workflow tracking with digital twins in healthcare

Crowd control, contact tracking solutions for hospitalsSafe distancing is ensured by limiting the number of patient, bystanders, medical staff in different zones at various time intervals. If the accepted number of people in a particular hospital zone increases, notifications are sent to floor managers in order to take the required corrective measures. This provision empowers your hospital with improved crowd control, infection control mechanisms hence keeping your hospital on par with international standards.

In the unfortunate scenario of an employee or visitor turning COVID19 positive, movement matrices provided by the digital twin in healthcare platform can be utilized to account for contact tracing hence helping people who may have come in contact with this person to go in to quarantine reducing chances of community spread.

We provide seamless integration of our hospital IoT solutions with your existing ERP for hospitals hence dispensing any concerns you may have with regard to onboarding a new solution at your end.

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