Vikas 2.0 RTLS in hospitals for asset management, asset tracking, staff and patient tracking

RTLS in hospitals can improve patient experience and safety

Using RTLS in hospitals for assigning hospital staff tracking, roles and responsibilities, follow-up, and patient tracking form an integral part of any hospital that wishes to engage in continuous improvement, optimize resources, and stay competitive.

What is RTLS healthcare for clinical workflow management

RTLS stands for Real-Time Location System. In other words, it is an indoor positioning system that locates and tracks anything in a hospital, anyone within a defined zone that is covered by radiofrequency. The solutions are completely wireless, can be deployed in under 7 Days, low on maintenance, and deployed for patient waiting time tracking.

Hospital staff tracking for productivity with RTLS in hospitals

  • Enable systemic implementation of your plan
  • Improve productivity of hospital staff
  • Dashboard for patient analysis and tracking system
  • Know the departments visited by the hospital staff every day
  • Identifying champions at your hospital who need to be rewarded
  • Time-based task allotment and monitoring
  • Implementation of a restructuring plan for your hospital
  • Helps implement your insights and vision
  • Assign brownie points to top performers
  • Linked with the hospital reporting system
  • Integrated with a medical equipment tracking system
  • Integrate hospital attendance management and asset tracking in hospitals
  • Hospital staff group activity tracking on a floor map
  • Understanding the time spent by hospital staff in various departments
  • Hospital workflow monitoring solutions, rounds, and inspections.

Deploying wireless RTLS in hospitals for patient flow monitoring

In uncertain times, it is important to run a tight ship and the best mode is to design hospital staff roles, implement RTLS for hospitals, and assign responsibilities to managers and key people so that operational expenses are kept to the minimum, at the same time ensuring that hospital staff tracking, patient experience, safety, and compliance factors are not neglected.

Wireless RTLS in hospitals

RTLS healthcare can bring better controls in medical equipment monitoring, clinical workflow automation, patient safety, healthcare logistics, and accounting systems, besides, there are management control solutions that allow owners and managers to assign roles to people within the hospital, and trigger alerts critical parameters of each department. For example, the store’s department would need to check the reorder status on a weekly basis, while the accounts need to generate a monthly trial balance, etc. These standard practices are often not followed, resulting in higher inventory levels or elevated overdrafts in banks

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